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There is a Stalker in the Internet

Updated on May 23, 2013
A typical Stalker snapshot of a smartphone using a wireless connection over a mile away.
A typical Stalker snapshot of a smartphone using a wireless connection over a mile away.
You can see everything the owner did.
You can see everything the owner did.

Used by governmental agencies, police, CIA, FBI, National Security Agency (NSA) and available to foreign companies, Stalker is Immunity's sinister application. What this can do is scary since it works invisibly from remote wireless locations and targets you Internet treadmarks. It scours deep to find anything you might want to hide. Hackers are all over incognito. They are from Russia, Iran, China and many are often associated with nefarious criminal organizations that pilfer your bank and credit accounts once the password and login are found. Many people now use their smartphone for all transactions because it is a mobile computer and available wherever they go. You could be at Starbucks sipping a latte while checking out your bank account , you might check your paypal account, you might have sensitive documents on your phone. All can now be easily found and accessed by application and worse, you might not even know it is happening.

Here is a list of data that can be collected with STALKER.

  • Name(s)
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Billing/Home address
  • Passwords
  • Emails
  • User names/Screen names
  • User-Agent strings
  • Wireless networking probes (Beacons/SSIDs)
  • DNS requests
  • Host names
  • Weblinks
  • Search queries
  • Photos, video
  • Financial Accounts

Verizon recently published its annual report about data theft upon its own infrastructure. Nearly all intrusions came from outside the company and 52% were from hacking, 40% from malware, 29% from social tactics like phishing. Of the attacks upon Verizon, 70% were easy using basic hacking methods. The time for IT to find the breach of data in most cases(62%) took month, finding the breach within a week or day averaged 12%. As you can see, data loss can occur a long time before being discovered. Once discovered, the time to seal and stop the loss took days (41%), weeks (14%), months (22%), hours (18%).

The Stalker program target's any device and discloses where the target lives, works and plays to everywhere within wireless range. It keeps track of all the data and even plots the target's access wireless points on a map. If you target is downloading/uploading files and will put them back together. With the program, if it can see your device, you'll have whatever data is on it. View web pages visited, view their documents, listen to their music and to their VoIP phone calls. Just having the target's userid could provide a person's name, their email address, and phone number, then, a phone number provides their home address.

Is this scary or what?

In China, cyberspying is now a lucrative career that is now being exported to countries where it could benefit Chinese government or their criminals. The Chinese cyber technology can find anyone who creates a false rumor or fact on the web that is against its government. Once located, they arrest the individual by locating his physical location. Hacking is taught in China's universities in computer science and openly discussed and the government sponsors hacking competitions.

There is no doubt that Immunity may have sold Stalker to them already enabling them to steal login credentials from browsers that store passwords. This is done by injecting hidden forms into a user’s browsing session that mimic the forms used to log in to corporate email accounts and websites. Since the fields are invisible, the user has giving indication anything is being stolen. Stalker could be used by the NSA to steal secrets from Iran or China and the Obama administration has already declared a cyberwar on both. Of course, the program could eventually get into Iranian hands via the Chinese or others. One such Chinese group, Mandiant, is within the Chinese army's Unit 61398 whose sole job is to hack and conduct espionage against foreign governments and corporations to steal data. They are located in a non-descript building in Shanghai. There is also a special Chinese army university for cyber warfare in Zhengzhou. The Russians are also heavily involved and could obtain Stalker to increase capabilities.In China, hacking has become part of their corporate world to stay ahead of competitors.

All this information located on your smartphone is now accessible to the Stalker program for viewing in an organized manner. It can target computers as well. The good news is that the program is VERY costly and comes packaged with another Immunity application. Because the application is so invasive and nothing can hide from it, sales are only made to secured and trusted governmental agencies.

Experts indicate to keep as little as possible on your smartphone and do not use them for banking transactions using wireless connections. While the government have legitimate reasons to use Stalker, hackers never do.


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