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Thermal Power Plant Interview Questions Answers

Updated on January 2, 2014

Why efficiency in Thermal Power Plant is Low?

Almost 50% of the heat generated is lost at the condenser as heat rejection. It is unavoidable as with out heat rejection it is not possible to convert heat energy into mechanical energy and drive the turbine without drop in temperature. Therefore majority of the loss takes place in the condenser. Thus efficiency of the thermal power plant is between 30-35%.

On What Cycle does Thermal Power Plant operate?

Thermal Power plant works on the principle of Rankine cycle

Why Generation Voltage in Thermal Power Plant is between 11kV to 33kV?

The current carrying conductor cross section depends upon the magnitude of the current it is carrying and insulation strength of the conductor depends on the maximum voltage it can withstand. Therefore while designing the generator an optimum value is chosen between the amount of the current and voltage conductor can withstand.

What are the different circuits in Thermal Power Plant?

Some of the major circuits in the thermal power plant are:

  • Coal and Ash circuit
  • Air and gas circuit
  • Cooling water circuit
  • Feed water and steam flow circuit

How efficiency of Thermal Plant can be improved?

Some of the methods by which the efficiency of the thermal plant can be improved are:

  • By increasing the temperature and pressure of the steam entering the turbine
  • By reducing the pressure in the condenser
  • By reheating the steam between different stages between the turbine

Advantages and Disadvantages of Thermal Power Plant?


  • Thermal Power Plants can be operated near the load centers unlike hydro and nuclear plants
  • Requires less space compared to hydro plants and cost of construction is less
  • Running or operating costs are less compared to diesel or gas plants
  • Can able to handle over load for certain period of time


  • Emits green house gases and causes pollution
  • Coal and Ash handling requires large area
  • Efficiency is low


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