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Things To Remember Before You Buy A New Gadget

Updated on June 4, 2013
3D Mobile Phone
3D Mobile Phone | Source

Why the latest?

When you buy an mp3 player, tablet or mobile why rush in and buy the latest and the most expensive gadgets in the market? New isn't necessarily the best. If you just wait a few months you can get your desired gadget with a better software update and a lesser price tag.

The launch of any high end gadget is always followed by a frenzy of pre-booking and long queues outside the gadget store to get a unit. While it's difficult to prevent a technophobe from buying a gadget soon after its release, it would be an intelligent choice for a value-for-money-shopper to wait a few months and save a few bucks. For a smart shopper waiting a few months could prove profitable. The latest gadgets in market may not actually be better than the older version (not in every case) but a newer one doesn't always mean that they are better than an older one. We tend to mix up those words in our heads.

What we have to realize is that a newer gadget released last month and an older one released 3 months ago may not be very different in working or software. The newer one will cost a lot more just because it has a better exterior and has software updated. We are paying a lot more money to the manufacturer just for a couple of tiny new features added to the gizmos.

What happens to Outdated Gadgets?

So what really happens to these outdated gadgets?

When a newer version of a mobile phone or a laptop gets released, what happens to the older version? Do they just throw them out?

Well no, they don’t. When a newer version is released, the manufacturer announces a huge discount for the earlier version to clear out the old stock. They usually do it after they have ended the production of the model, so they put in huge discounts to clear the stock in hand. When the new version is released the price will be higher than the older version, although there maybe only slight changes and upgrades from its previous versions. This is just a marketing strategy. The new version may have a better exterior and a software update, which might not be very different than the older one. But since it’s new it will cost a lot more.

But this doesn’t apply to all the gadgets in the market. Some of the newer gadgets released may have very significant improvements over the older version. The best thing to do would be to take some time, go over your options and then choose what suits you best.

Things you need to know before you buy a product

  • First thing you should look into is the products exterior. Is it just the older product with a new plastic covering or a paint job? Although some products may look very attractive on the outside than its older version or the exterior is made of better material the hardware inside maybe the same
  • Next thing to look for are the features of the product. Is the newer one a significant improvement over the other? Don't pay tons more for just a minor improvement on the older version. Wait for a relevant update instead of a mediocre one.
  • Even if there is a significant improvement over the older version, do you really want the improvement in the product? Don't just buy something just because it has a newly added feature that you are never going to use. Everyone will want to buy things that have added features but sometimes that may not be of any use to us.
  • Don’t go for the looks. Just because something looks shiny on the outside doesn't mean that it is the best product in the market. Majority of us will go for the product that looks good on the outside. Instead of buying the best looking product, go for the best overall product.
  • Before you go to buy a product, make up your mind on what features you want in the product and buy the product with your preferences. Don’t pay for what you won’t use just because the sales man suggested it or the website recommends it.

Why we tend to go for the new

The biggest reason that we prefer the new is because when we hear that a product is the latest we instantly think that it is the better than the older product, but this is not always true. Another reason is our attention span. Humans have a very short attention span; we tend to think that things get old very fast.

A recent study conducted among Indian college students found that about 78 percent of youth will buy or want to buy the latest gadgets just because it looks better and is the latest trend, majority of them have no idea what new features or improvements has been made in the new gadget. They tend to go for looks but they are not to be blamed. Everyone would want the latest things just because it is new. It’s not wrong to want the latest things but we have to realize that there are far cheaper alternatives if we wait, or go for something a bit older than the latest.


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