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Things You Should Never Pay For Online

Updated on July 30, 2014

The number of 'too good to be true' proposals and offers online grow daily. And they are just that. Too good to be true. Whilst most of us are very wary these days to keep our credit card details safe, there are some opportunities that arise which seem very legitimate and if working on promoting a business or getting ahead in the market, often like plausible opportunities.

But be aware.

There are some things that just should never be paid for. Here are 6 things that you should never pay for online. No matter what anyone tells you, promises you or bends over backwards to convince you.

Fans & Followers

With rare exceptions, buying fans means you end up with hundreds or thousands of followers who have no interest in your page or profile. There are many offers online which cater for buying Twitter or Facebook fans. Often, they may not even be real accounts, and in regards to Facebook, when Facebook culls them or identifies them to be fake and closes them down, you will lose out.

Facebook forbids third party advertising and having spammy followers who never interact with your page anyway will impact you negatively. It can also stop Facebook showing updates to your genuinely interested fans.

Tagging ladders are common on Facebook yet their popularity is dropping. We all know that engagement and interaction is more important so the 'birth' of Engagement Ladders helps provide quality, not quantity.

Don't pay for low quality, fake, spammy fans!

Unsolicited Services

Are you getting emails from companies who want to offer you more traffic, better search engine placement or cheap websites? Often these are cheap and low quality services. They all sound legitimate, they all sound like they have looked at your website and know the exact solution you need to have it improve ten-fold. But in most cases they have no idea about what your site even is.

Always check around before buying from someone you don’t know.

Don't fall victim to spam services!

Credit Card Payments

Entering your credit card details online are almost a thing of the past. These days, most businesses and websites support Paypal or Google wallet which means you have a level of online security and you can maintain your financial privacy.

Where possible seek out a safe payment channel before handing over your details. And unless you’re sure of the legitimacy of the business, don’t share your credit card number. If you have a website which accepts payments for a product or service, consider the security needs of your customers.

Don't share your credit card details with websites or people you don't trust!

Upgrades & Upsells

Watch out for these.

Many sites will offer you free products or a free service simply to try and sell you a product or upgrade. Some even go so far as to make their free product only work properly or give you all the information once you upgrade. There’s no reason not to upgrade, but make sure that you’re getting something worthwhile, and that you’re happy with the free version first.

Trials are OK and well worth giving a go but be aware of the trial period end date and what you may be locking yourself into.

Don't get caught out with a sneaky upgrade!


Make sure that anything you buy states exactly what you’re getting up front. Don’t buy into promises of “Buy the secret to making $100 a day for $99.” Make sure that whatever you’re buying spells out if you’re getting books or DVDs, support or graphics, and also how many and how much time they go for. Make sure you’re getting a clear list of what you get in exchange for your hard earned dollars.

Don't forget to read any terms and conditions too. You could be signing up for more than you expect.

If it sounds too good to be true; it usually is!

Don't buy into promises!


A backlink is any link on the internet pointing to your website. They can influence how highly you rank in search engines and also provide a stream of traffic depending where they’re from.

A backlink from a high quality site is worth a lot more than a spammy or hidden one from a low quality site.

Most purchased backlinks fall into the low quality category. In fact, if your site suddenly has a huge influx of backlinks pointing to it, Google can think you’re trying to play the system and stop sending you traffic altogether.

Never buy backlinks!

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    • Cynthia Hoover profile image

      Cynthia Hoover 2 years ago from Newton, West Virginia

      Very informative. I get followed on twitter all the time by those wanting me to pay for followers. I never would- I prefer real followers. I am sure that many others have paid for this service though.

    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 3 years ago

      So true about the backlinks - one has to be so careful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge - always useful.