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How to find the best Router For Gaming: Small Tips to Follow

Updated on March 13, 2012

A lot of game enthusiasts run across troubles with lag and wireless throughput when attempting to enjoy their most favorite gaming PC on typical office routers. Using network equipment which is made for game playing will make your user experience far more thrilling and exciting. An excellent wireless gaming router should help take your gaming session to another level regardless of what console you have.

Your gaming router creates a connection between systems in your wireless home network and units on other home networks. Upon having everything set up right you can start and play online on other servers or others can access your wireless network and the games you will be hosting. With few omissions, nearly all new game consoles are Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n compatible. Upon having a gaming router everything you need to do is configure it, register your profile on whichever service you use and you're simply ready to go.

When working with a good gaming router for games your wireless network will continue to be connected constantly. You should encounter no lag plus the action should really be smooth and free of jitter.

Gaming routers usually have multiple antennaes
Gaming routers usually have multiple antennaes

Locating the best wireless router for gaming

Prior to starting hunting for your ideal router for games you must understand your requirements and understand specifically what you need. While searching for a wireless router for games you are interested in one that will be work fast. In addition, you want smooth performance and the option for QOS (Quality Of Service). While we're at it 1000 Mbps switch ports won't hurt either.

Many gaming routers are available with huge amounts of memory and fast CPUs that are built to deal with the intense requirements of online games and multimedia streaming services. Some come with an integrated "video mode" that's optimized to manage streaming Full HD video without errors or jitter. Gaming routers with these specs can run most games flawlessly.

The Internet Service Provider

Yet another issue is the speed of the net connection. The quicker the better. If you aren't satisfied with the transfer rate of the connection to the internet consider contacting your Internet service provider and upgrading to a speedier plan. If gaming is vital to you personally the few extra bucks a month will be definitely worth it.

Dual band: is it worth it?

Another significant consideration with wireless networks at home is the quantity of gadgets which are on your wireless network. The more gadgets that are connected to your wireless gaming router the slower your home network will behave. In case you have numerous loved ones in your home network simultaneously a great choice for this is a dual band capable wireless gaming router.

A dual-band gaming router permits you to run two completely different home networks at once and keep your surfing, streaming, gaming and downloading activities from disturbing each other. By using a dual band capable wireless gaming router you can create a wireless network that's committed to games!

When you have found your "perfect wireless gaming router" you're going to be able to have fun with the most popupar MMORPG game titles and compete against the best game enthusiasts on this planet from the comfort of your own property.

Final words

In the end it's important to read user reviews before buying. You'd be amazed how many gems lie hidden just because professional reviewers didn't test them, or they're a small company that doesn't afford to do an effective PR campaign. Keep in mind it's impossible not to find a top gaming routers no matter how small your budget is.


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