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Things to Consider Before Buying Tablets

Updated on May 9, 2016

Android Tablets



Nowadays tablets become best choice of consumers, who want their device having more features than smartphone offers. It’s more convenient than having laptop computer, in terms of weight and more portability of tablet device.

Nowadays most of the peoples prefer to have android based smartphone because of system’s reputation and having so many productive and useful apps. Here in this article, we are going to discuss about few recommended things that must be considered before buying new tablets.


The principal most vital element to consider when purchasing an Android tablet is the display. There are a few things to search for while picking the best display quality. The most critical thing in the android tablet is the screen resolution. At the point when comparing Android tablets and the same size screen, pay consideration on the quantity of pixels for each; the one with the bigger number of pixels.

For example, 1280x840 when contrasted with 1024x600, has a higher determination, which levels with a more fresh and clear picture. This component influences the video quality, pictures, and games.

Most Android tablets have touch screens, and the kind of touch screen is another component to consider. Android tablet comes with two types touch screen, with the most responsive types being the capacitive touch screen. The other types, resistive, functions admirably for those needing to utilize a stylus instead of an uncovered finger, which is vital to work the capacitive kind of touch screen.

Best Android Tablet

Best Android Tablet
Best Android Tablet | Source


Another element that recognizes the different Android tablets is the camera, or cameras in the case of few tablets. A mani camera permits clients to take picture and videos, while a front-confronting camera takes into account online video chatting and different types of online video conferencing.

Which is best for any given buyer relies on upon how they plan to utilize the android tablet. Some Android tablets have both main and front cameras, so clients can exploit the majority of the different camera and video capacities. Notwithstanding the position of the camera, the quantity of megapixels changes also. Cameras with more pixels produce pictures that are all the more clear and detailed. If you are having low budget, you can go for few best tablets under 100, recommended by theandroidportal.


The processor is the most critical thing to consider when purchasing another Android tablet. On the off chance that you need to play high end games, a moderate processor can not run high quality games. What's more, streaming online HD videos with a moderate or poor processor causes slacks in the gushing, contrarily affecting the tablet client's capacity to view them unmistakably.

Regardless of the possibility that clients would prefer not to view videos or play games , they taught to pick an Android tablet with a processor that is effective and sufficiently quick to take into account multitasking and running different applications at the same time.

Best Android Tablets



Another critical element to consider when picking which Android tablet to purchase is the network of the tablet. Association highlights incorporate 2g, 3g, 4g, and Wi-Fi. Before purchasing a tablet with 4g network, customers ought to ensure that their transporter is equipped for using the technology.

The 4g on any given system is speedier than the 3g on the same system, however the two change significantly in the most extreme rate for information exchange, contingent upon the system. Not at all like 3g and 4g, a tablet that uses Wi-Fi does not require an information arrangement, which spares the buyer cash.

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Size & Dimension

The last variable to consider when purchasing an Android tablet is its size and dimension. Similarly as with alternate elements, how the buyer plan to use the tablet is the determining factor in regard to size or dimension. As a rule, Android tablets are isolated into three classifications: vast, medium and ,little.

The bigger size considers a superior review experience than a littler tablet offers, and playing diversions with a bigger display upgrades the capacity to see details and a bigger field of play. Little tablets range in size from 7.1 inches to 8.3 inches. Medium tablets range in size between 8.8 inches and 10.0 inches. On the off chance that you need use tablet for streaming online videos and playing games, the medium-sized Android tablet is a decent choice for you.

Do let us know which things you consider most before you buy new tablet for you?


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