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Things to do online

Updated on February 12, 2012

So what are some popular things to do online ?

We all know that when it comes to passing the time, one of the best ways is to go online and waste some time there.

However, finding things to do online seems easy when you ask yourself the question of what to do, but when put in practice it can all of a sudden seem to make your mind feel a little blank.

I am sure that there are things that you do online already that help to pass the time when you have nothing better to do. However there may be many more areas of interest to discover that you have simply not stumbled across. In this article I will be explaining some of the things I find a fun and interesting to do online.

Using StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a really great site for discovering content on the web that you would not normally find. What makes this site unique is that the user never knows what is waiting for them around the corner that will appear on their screen ! Don’t worry, all of the content is screened for any abusive or pornographic content before you see it, so you wont be having an unwanted shock to your system. The site works by having users submit links that they find interesting that they have stumbled across on the web. Then when the viewing users press the “stumble” button, they will see it and will be able to comment on it and give their vote, of it being good or not to their liking. The site is so easy to use and makes for a great way of discovering content that you have an interest in. You can also filter out the sort of things that you want to see, for example you can configure your free account to allow you to only see pictures for instance. StumbleUpon is really something you should consider to be one of the things to do online, well in my opinion anyway.


Tumblr is essentially a micro-blogging website that allows users to discover each other’s interest very easily. I don’t want to go into detail here about how the site works because I have already made an article on it. You can check out my written article here.


Reddit is somewhat becoming old now, but like a good scotch, I think its gets better with age. Redditing is one of the things to do online that I suggest. The concept of this site is very simple. You select something you have an interest in such as photography, and then you can see a list of what users have submitted. At this stage I am sure your thinking “well this just sounds like StumbleUpon”. You are wrong. Reddit users browse through the site with all the results displayed to them, in front of them. StumbleUpon users ”stumble” blindly across new content.

Reddit has an extremely good “no spam” algorithm built into it, if the users or the site detect spam. The spam will be removed so quickly ! This means that the viewing audience are more likely to discover good things.

The Reddit community are also there to “upvote” or “downvote” content, the more “upvotes” content receives, the more visible on Reddit it becomes and may even be featured on the front page of Reddit !


You might be reading this article and the thought may not have even crossed your mind ! Writing is one of my top things to do online by far. If you have an interest in a particular subject then why not write about it ? You can join so many writing places across the net, and if you have knowledge of creating a website then you can write for your own site. What makes this even better is that if you integrate advertisements with your writing, you can even make some money of it !

Producing videos for YouTube

This might sound like a very complex thing to do online, but it isn’t ! All you need is a camera and some basic knowledge of some video editing software. You can make videos on absolutely anything that interests you. Whether your interested in music and would like to sing or play an instrument for the viewers of YouTube, or perhaps you would like to simply “vlog” about your thoughts on different matters. There will be some people out there that will love to hear from you. Just like writing you can make money of YouTube, some YouTube’rs earn a very wealthy living for just talking to their large audience about their mundane day to day lives, you could be the next millionaire for doing this if you have that star quality. You wont no if you have it until you have tried it.

Listening to music for free

There are so many places nowadays that you can do this. One of my favorite online sites for this would be “Grooveshark”. My second would be an application called Spotify, you can see a full article about Spotify here.

All of the above are my top things to do online. I hope you found this article thought provoking. Thank you for reading.

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