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5 Things You Will Miss If You Delete Your Facebook Account

Updated on July 31, 2014

Being a 22-year-old Facebook addict, I have made multiple attempts to delete my Facebook account but never succeeded.

You may think, Facebook is a non productive social sites where people gossips and spam with games request. After 3 unsuccessful attempt to quit Facebook, I can tell you "the is untrue". So before you go ahead and delete your Facebook account, take a look at following things that you will definitely miss after that.

This post is about deleting Facebook account not deactivating it.

Using Chrome extension to disable Facebook unless you have notifications or need to chat with someone.
Using Chrome extension to disable Facebook unless you have notifications or need to chat with someone. | Source

1. Birthdays

Admit it. Even if you are good at remembering dates, How many times Facebook have remind you of Birthdays that you dare not to forget.

2. Chance To Stay Connected With Your Loved onces

  1. Facebook connects you with loved ones with whom you would have no contact otherwise. And if you Quit Facebook you cannot see their pictures of getting married or pictures of their new-born baby.

  2. You will miss chances to share some awesome achievements with everyone. Yes you can always call a person or send them email, But do you think that right?

  3. What will you do, when your friends will be talking about something awesome they had seen on Facebook. You probably be standing there with a Poker Face !

  4. Last but the most important one, How will you stalk people without Facebook, I know you do that, Right ?

3. Your Source Of Knowledge

How many cool things you know, just because of Facebook ? I am sure there will be many.

Off course you can leave Facebook and spending your time reading books, join forums etc were you can interact with similar interest people. But let me tell you based on my experience, in a long run thing new source of knowledge is not as interesting as Facebook was and effectually you will lose your interest. Why ?

What make Facebook so much fun is that it connect you with your friends and not strangers.There is a difference between these two, by connecting with your stranger with similar interest you would never be able to go into their inner circle and eventually end up losing your interest. Where this is not the case with Facebook.

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4. Using Login With Facebook

People use login with Facebook option to create account on other site like Quora, shopping website, forums etc. This not only save time for login but also you don't have to remember passwords for multiple websites.

Now think what will happen, if you delete your Facebook account, while you have use this option on others sites. I am sure you going to have a hard time try to recover your account.

5. Funny stuff

Even tough people annoy you on Facebook, It's always good to see comments wars in our new feed. If you delete your Facebook account there will no more trolls and funny meme or change in relationship status of your friends.



There are many social network but what make Facebook successful is that it's different. Everything you see connects to you in some way or other. Consider these change before deleting your account.

  • If you don't like your Feed, try tweaking it by un-following people and joining productive groups.
  • If you don't like games request Block them.
  • If you don't like tagging in random status and images, make a change in your settings.
  • If your privacy concern you, then change your privacy settings.

If you think you can save some time by quitting Facebook forever then you are wrong. You will end up missing lots of opportunities.

In the end remember all those people criticizing Facebook, are still on Facebook. Why ?


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