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Thinking outside the box: Keeping up with equipment times

Updated on December 3, 2009


Keeping up with the times

I think that in order to be a successful paranormal investigator you definitely need to keep up with the times. Well especially if you are scientific and use a whole lot of equipment. LOL. Ok let me explain. When I first started ghost hunting there really wasn’t that much equipment out there. We were forced to think outside of the box in order to come up with ways to detect and capture paranormal activity, or rule it out for that matter. Simple 35mm cameras and old recording devices just don’t cut it now-a-days.

I have seen many improvements in this field. Since I am an equipment junkie I am always looking for the latest. Well I should the latest, the newest, the most reliable, the most accurate….I could go on. There are a couple different categories I want to touch on and show you how far we have come. Hopefully this will help people continue to think outside the box and become better investigators.

Let’s start with cameras. We started off with 35mm. Great tool for ghost hunting but now it’s definitely antiquated. The cost of developing black, blank, dust filled pictures just wasn’t worth it. Then came the digital age. AMEN! Instant review. Ok, ok that could have been done with a Polaroid but there again….$$$$. There are pros and cons of course. Things are progressing. Digital cameras are much better in quality. I can tell you that my very first digital camera was awesome and I still have it but it just isn’t that useful when it’s memory card can only hold 100 pictures and they don’t make it any bigger. Bigger and better cards, more mega pixels, anti vibration features. Big improvements in my opinion. There are a couple things too in the outside the box category. Investigators are starting to try different techniques with special cameras. For example IR photography. Sure in the 35mm days you had to refrigerate the film and it was extremely difficult to work with. They have filters or altered cameras that help this process be much more “user friendly” shall I say. Now I’m not saying that it’s easier to obtain photographic evidence of the afterlife simply by using IR techniques. I’m just saying “Why not?” Who is to say that it couldn’t work. This brings me to another camera development that might assist in the aid of paranormal investigation. I am talking about a full spectrum camera. A camera that captures the full spectrum of light from one end to the other. Nothing is filtered out. As far as I know there isn’t a company that makes one that does exactly this. However it is possible with some modifications to existing cameras. It’s just up to you whether or not you want to possibly risk your expensive digital camera to achieve this. It’s not exactly an easy process. At least I haven’t found one that was. There are a couple of sites that can help but just be cautious. I know I’m not messing with my hot mirror. Side note- just please keep in mind too that if you are taking full spectrum pictures and you capture something… you really aren’t going to know what spectrum you caught it in right?

I’ve also have noticed some new products coming out. Instead of your plain EMF detector or voice recorder there are some more “Outside of the box” ideas that I have found. For example I saw a piece of equipment that changes EMF readings into sound. Ahhh but not in the way of your typical gauss meter would make noise. It is more of an alert. Ok, Ok it’s a simple change but it’s headed in the right direction. I’ve seen much more advanced audio equipment being used. This is both good and bad. Sometimes things can still be overcomplicated, especially for the person who really doesn’t know how to use some of this stuff. Investigators are now using devices that can record 360 degrees. I’m not going to lie… I’ve actually been experimenting with this idea way before it was actually seen on GHI (Ghost Hunters International). It’s just something different. I’m a very big audio fan. It seems to be the evidence that is above all the rest in my opinion. I mean how often are you capturing full bodied apparitions on video. Yeah that’s what I thought. Give me a good EVP any day.

Also keep in mind that sometimes the equipment we use in the future might not be that advanced at all. Simple is the best sometimes. Let’s not ruin a good thing. I am hopefully going to attach some links. A friend of mine builds equipment. He is an OTB thinker for sure and he can back it up by building it. He has new IR lights for video cameras that are stronger then the expensive ones used today. He has some other great ideas as well. Check it out if you get a chance.

So let’s just review. Brainstorm! Think outside the box! Be creative! Hey you never know what you can come up that will help and or capture that crucial piece of evidence you have been looking for.



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