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Thinnest Ultrabook of 2013

Updated on December 25, 2012

The Story of Intel and Ultrabooks

Intel has taken the laptop market by a storm of quality revolution by designing and launching new device called Ultrabooks. Before going deeper into the Ultrabooks and later an analysis on the thinnest Ultrabooks in the planet today, for those of who are new to the real concept of Ultrabooks, I’ll give a quick brief. A while ago, Apple introduced the Mac Book Air - a super cool laptop, very thin, very fast and extremely user friendly. The laptop industry was still staying old and boring, new innovative models were not designed. Being a major chip maker for typical laptop companies, the growth of other companies like Apple would hurt them eventually. To prevent this from happening they started to set specifications of a new device that would improve user experience and finally formed the ‘Ultrabook’. Intel has set aside a fund of $300 million in pocket to publicize and promote the Ultrabooks. Intel by itself doesn’t make Ultrabooks but collaborate with major manufacturers like Lenovo, Samsung, Acer etc to make and sell their own versions of Ultrabooks. In effect “an Ultrabooks is something little higher than the Mac Air Book with the ability to run Windows /Linux “. They are super-thin, super-fast , super-light and have excellent battery backup.

Thinness is the best feature of an Ultrabook?

There are a set of specifications set by Intel for a laptop to qualify as an Ultrabook, such as, Solid state hard drives, long battery hours, resume from hibernate in 4 - 7 seconds, its lightness, its thinness. Apparently, out of these factors thinness is just one among them. When it comes to choosing the best ultrabooks for you I think ‘thinness’ matters a lot. Since you go for an Ultrabook, you specifically want the best of computing experience till date, thinness is the #1 one physical feature that you should look for . Solid state hard drives, Ivy bridge processors and a battery back-up of more than 7 hours is common for any Ultrabook you pick. If there is one feature that you need to be concerned of, it is thickness of an Ultrabook. Every company is pitching on thinness and competing to launch the thinnest Ultrabook ever as it is one of the best advertising eye-catcher. Lets dive in and skin the thinnest ultrabooks available today

Samsung Series 9 13" Thin : 12mm / 0.5 inches

Samsung series 9 laptop production was started even before the dawn of ultrabooks. This gave Samsung a heads on lead in the ultrabook world. Currently, ‘Samsung series 9’ with 13 inch screen is the thinnest ultrabook in the planet. It’s so far called a product that stand in par or challenge the mac book air. It has all good feature like Intel Core i5 processor, solid state harddrive, 7 hours of battery life, 4 GB RAM, ultrafast USB 3.0 port and 1600 x 900 resolution of HD screen.

Price $1,399

LG XNote Z330 Thin : 14.7mm / 0.58 inches

The LG XNote comes with, lot of efficient features like 10 sec boot up time with ‘Rapid Start Technology ‘ a choice of Core i7 or Core i5 processor. XNote have long battery life of upto 7 hours .

$1,500 for the Core i5 model
$2,300 for the Core i7 model

Acer Aspire "S5" Thin : 14.9 mm / 0.59 inches

The Acer Aspire S5 is another marvellous ultrabook just 14.9 mm thin. It comes with the Ivy Bridge processor, 8 GB RAM and 8 hours battery backup. The screen resolution is 1366×768 .

Price : Not yet revealed

Samsung Series 9 15" Thin : 15.74 / 0.62 inches

3rd Thinnest Ultrabook is the 15 inch screen Samsung Series 9 . It comes with an 8 hours battery backup and all other specs like Core i5 processor, HD Screen of the previously discussed 13 inch Samsung Series 9 model.

Price $ 1,499

Lenovo Yoga in 'Tent Mode '
Lenovo Yoga in 'Tent Mode ' | Source

Lenovo IdeaPad "Yoga" Thin: 17mm / 0.67 inches

Lenovo IdeaPad “Yoga” is a great device, which amongst the ultrabooks the only one which can be used as a tablet and ultrabook. As the name “Yoga” signifies, this ultrabook can be flipped in differnt positions ( like a ‘tent’ for example) and can be used with convinience. It can afford upto 8 GB RAM, its display come with 1600 x 900pixels and a 10 point multi-touch functionality. For all those who have been waiting for the perfect combination of an ultrabook and tablet, the Lenovo IdeaPad is the best one so far.

Price $ 1,200


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