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Third Experience buying an used Used Mac, First complain

Updated on February 17, 2013

2006 Mac Pro

So after the MacBook Pro 15" and the White Macbook unibody, I decided to give a try to a desktop computer. I was considering a Dell Precision or other powerful desktop computer. Then i went over my last two articles and decided to keep the Apple used product purchase review. This is a reviews of the 2006 Mac Pro.

One more advice to add, Apple products are built on more durable materials and made on high end specs for a reasonable price. Apple used computers are becoming much more popular nowadays so i hope this review can help customers seeking a good deal on any used computer.

Why should your next computer be a desktop model?

Your choice model really depends on what you look for in the next computer you buy but desktop computers are the best choice for most users because of two reasons, on being the upgrades and limitless customizations and number two is the ergonomic fact that desktop computers are far more pleasure to use. Even a laptop in a docking station does not feel as good as a real desktop computer.

Why not a Laptop?

As stated in a prior example of the laptop models compared to the desktop models, laptops are designed to rely on smaller heat sinks and single fans or dual smaller fans and thus operate at higher temperature than the desktop counterparts. Even a powerful docking station enhancing the laptop with additional components will rely on the built in cooling system of the laptop and even if a external cooling pad or fan is placed nothing works best than the internal fans cooling the inside of the processor and other internal components.

Should i know something before buying a desktop computer online?

One thing you have to know, and as i always suggest, is what you are buying is actually what you want and what you need. Be alert when buying desktops and pay careful attention to the description. Some older model, even if in perfect almost new or refurbished condition, will support the maximun capabilities of their older motherboards perhaps a max. of 2GB which will work fine in Windows XP, may work well on windows 7 (the more the better), and will work on Mac os X snow leopard but will soon fall short for Mac os X Lion after several apps are open. I have rather have 2GB as an option and not as the limit because as time progresses moves into the future so does technology and OS and computer industry. For windows XP back then you could use 512MB and have no problem, Windows 7 now requires much more than that at the least.


Laptops and tablets had almost always come with wireless (including bluetooth and wifi) capabilities which is not the case for desktops. My Mac Pro does not come with wifi or bluetooth fror which I am using a wired Ethernet connection and a usb bluetooth. Recall that most desktops before did not include this wireless capabilities as newer models do now.

What should i not buy?

Anything of a processor Intel or AMD Seprom or Atom will not work. Those processor are not fast enough to keep up with what i do on a computer. Also if the computer does not support beyond 2GB then i would not considered it. It is up to you, but i would rather have 2GB as an option and not as a limit.

Why this purchase went wrong?

I carefully reviewed the item descriptions and the seller assured the computer had wireless, wifi, and bluetooth. Unfortunately, the item did not come with those features. I figured out a solution, i am currently using a USB bluetooth adapter for both my keyboard and mouse.

I will not request a return because the price was good ($499 shipping included) and the general physical condition and the working condition is great and stable.

However, if you happen to receive an item different that described by any seller, and cannot figure out a solution, then do not hesitate requesting a return. For this i recommend to buy on ebay, sellyourmac, and Amazon which have amazing customer service support. PLEASE, if you ship any item back to the seller ensure the product has a shipping tracking number. I lost almost $200 on an Amazon claim against a seller that argued the item i shipped back never arrived and suggested the iPhone was lost in the mail so he denied a refund.


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