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This app certainly is the best way to improve vocabulary.

Updated on January 26, 2015

The popular apps- An analysis of Duolingo

Internet has made learning a new language easier than it ever was. The mobile revolution has led to development of apps that make learning a language fun experience. There are many players in the market like Bussu, Babel, Duolingo etc, among which Duolingo is definitely the best.

Duolingo is a free app on both ios as well android platform. It gamifies your language learning experience with interactive quiz, badges, points and an active community. There are many languages you can learn using this app from Hindi to Spanish. It's all there.

I am big fan of Duolingo but there is one problem that stops it from becoming the perfect app.

Gamification, that is, applying principles of game design to real life tasks to increase motivation towards that task is a both a pro as well as a major con for Duolingo.

Think of your own experience with mobile games, you enjoy the game till the novelty runs off, try to finish all the levels as soon as possible, and hop in to a new game when you find one.

Same is the case with Duolingo, you will enjoy it in the beginning and will try to finish the chapters as quickly as possible ( as a result of which , you will be quickly completing chapters but learning would be weak because you are not giving enough time for the information to process). And that is why, having installed-uninstalled-installed-uninstalled Duolingo for years, I haven't learned any language successfully yet.

Improving vocabulary 5 words a day.

A new app called 5 words promises to improve your vocabulary 5 words a day. This new app is very minimal as compared to other popular apps but that's where it strength lies, in its minimalism. The app focuses on improving your vocabulary, no matter if you are a expert or novice in English, making your vocabulary richer is a life long process. If you are able to read this article right now, then this app is apt for you.


First of all the app is limited to 5 words a day so that you don't feel overwhelmed by lots of content. You get translations in multiple languages so that you can learn the words in a better fashion. Getting new words everyday also serves your appetite for novelty. Furthermore, you get daily reminds to first learn and then later revise the words. As a behavioural scientist, I can definitely see the app helping a lot of people in learning English and improving vocabulary. What do you think about the app? Leave your comments below.

Public App Description.

5 Words app helps you in improving your vocabulary. The app sends you 5 new words to learn everyday. Learn new words, learn and improve your English today.

Remember....whenever you asked someone the best method to improve your vocabulary, what did they tell you? Learn 5 words a day. 5 words app send you 5 new words everyday with translation in multiple languages so that you can easily learn the new words.

- 5 new words hand-picked daily
- Get daily reminders.
- Translation in Chinese, Spanish, Hindi and Arabic to help you grasp the words more easily.
- Make donations for free by using the app daily and help feed poor children.
- Beautiful page flipping interface.

Everyday when you learn new words, you help feed a kid too. It's simple, you view the sponsor's message and a part of the money from sponsorship goes to donation. Donations are made bimonthly.


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