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Thoughts on Gmail Motion - An April Fools Day Joke 2011

Updated on April 6, 2011

Motion BETA Logo 2011


April Fools!

Gmail Presents a 'motion' joke.

April 1, 2011

I found this (Google Motion BETA) far too 'technical' for it to actually be true, however as you may know (if you're familiar with my profile) I have previously made a post on Syncing Gmail with Mac OS X which highlights and explains some of the key points regarding keeping Mail, Address Book and iCal in sync with your Google account (it's a must-read for those wishing to keep their computers, lives and selves together).

Now I am quite surprised that google would actually bother to put so much time into a simple April Fools Day joke. I don't have any issues with it, I just wonder why they gave so much for one day of the year. Surely this could be a 'real' case scenario, however I knew I would be caught somehow on a day like today (I'm surprised I wasn't earlier). Maybe my Australian National University (ANU) classmates forgot about the day! (With an inward bound (IB) cross-country orienteering competion occurring between various colleges of the ANU this week, I guess the adrenaline is already pumpin' way too high in the sky for this sort of thing)!

However, the joke does not become obvious until WELL after you watch the video and click the "Try Gmail Motion" button pictured below:

Try It! Button:

Try Gmail Motion
Try Gmail Motion | Source

Working up...

Once the "Try" button is pressed, an interesting dialogue loads (obviously someone spent some time programming this).  It shows a progress bar (as pictured below).

This is the moment where I had begun to get suspicious that something might be up.  Though I wasn't sure. Before I had a whole lot of time to think about it, however, the tail end of 100% had been reached and I was informed of the following:


The Text Reads...

April Fools!

Gmail Motion doesn't actually exist. At least not yet...

Okay, now you can login to Gmail or close this silly box.

Conclusion: My Thoughts

Now for my thoughts...

Well, to start off, I shall begin by stating that I have absolutely no affiliation with Google or the Gmail Motion BETA show performance. I will also state that I have absolutely not one problem with it! In fact, I think it's really great fun that we have such a great email provider that is willing to 'have a laugh' from time to time. So much in this day and age, we can get too absorbed in one thing which prevents us from enjoying life and keeping our 'wits about us'.

On the other hand, I believe this might actually become a reality down the track. I have yet to see it, however I would not be surprised if this is perhaps offered sometime in the future. Of course, much of our technology has progressed extremely far, with concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) being driven into today's technology like nothing before (something that (as of now) continues to remain out of my immediate reach of understanding... for now anyway).  And as of right now, many Americans (who are just beginning their day as I publish this article) have yet to be caught out; hehehehe!

Great to see such a major web service keeping up the good humour! Great Job Google!

How about your thoughts, people? Leave your views below, and bring some of your opinions to this hub; for I currently know little about others' thoughts on this matter and would love to hear from all of you.  Happy April Fools Day Everyone! :D


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    • profile image

      kavitasingh 6 years ago

      Same topic here i liked ths prank also.

    • Fairooz_M profile image

      Fairooz_M 6 years ago

      it's really nice to see Google taking April Fools very seriously every year! :D

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, infonolan :)

    • infonolan profile image

      infonolan 6 years ago from Australia

      Awesome, isn't it! Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image

      muthu kumarr 6 years ago

      thats really great,, i can easily understand this application! cheers up