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Technology Changes that Could Change Your Life.

Updated on September 21, 2012

What do you see coming tomorrow?

Thoughts on Tomorrow

I remember great talks with my dad who I thought was the smartest man in the world. We would talk for hours across a dining table. Most of the time it was philosophy and sometimes it was sage advice from a parental unit. Every once in a while the conversation got really compelling for me when he would prognosticate about what the future would look like.

Dad was a salesman for a corrugated box company then was hired to be the General Sales Manager for a commercial/residential window manufacturer in Buffalo, NY, where he moved us in the late 50’s. He seemed to have some inner knowledge, third eye, if you will, when it came to the future. He came from a middle class family in Chicago. His father, who I never knew, was a serious compulsive gambler and would win thousands of dollars one day and lose it all plus some the next. Dad had two siblings one of which was a member of Mensa. Ted was obviously very intelligent and had a 100% photographic memory. Ted became known the PK Man. Parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove wrote a case-study book about him, The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter. I don’t think my father ever cared how high his IQ was, if so, I never heard about it. Given the background of my dad’s brother, Ted, my dad never saw anything that odd about his uncanny ability to talk about the future as if it were already here.

Back at the dining room table in the early 60’s, dad started talking with me about what he saw coming down the road in the relatively near future. He talked about how TVs would become small enough to carry around with you (IPhones, Ipads), how computers would become common place and that you would be able to order anything you wanted from your computer. Remember this was in the early 60’s way before computer chips, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Ebay and Amazon. He talked about the Middle East and that North Korea would be a force to deal with in the future. He was pretty excited about the future of technology and the ramifications it would bring. WOW, looking back I cannot believe how spot on he was. Dad was a technological ignorant. He had trouble using anything mechanical. That included using a vacuum cleaner; Polaroid cameras confused the living daylights out of him and forget about using a washer/dryer. So to hear him talk about the future of technology was fascinating to me.

This all brings me to some thoughts I have about tomorrow. These are certainly not all prophetic but I want to share them with you anyway.

· Do you realize your children will be able to tell their children about how they used to have a mailbox and used stamps to mail letters and bills by placing them into the mailbox and a postman would come by pick it up and take it on its way. (The USPS will disappear in the near future)

· Your children will tell their children about Newspapers and how they used to be delivered every morning/afternoon to the house. (Newspapers have become dinosaurs and will disappear in the not too distant future)

· TV will give way to a new hybrid TV/Computer where you will be able to point your mouse to any item (House, Boat, clothes, cars, shoes, appliances) in any movie or show and get all the details about that item including what it is, where to buy it, price, and ask if you want to order it now.

· As a result of the above Marketing, Advertising and product placement will become a totally new paradigm creating a whole new approach to moving products.

· The big box stores are already disappearing with the loss of Circuit City, Block Buster Video, the struggling Kmart and Sears. Wal-Mart is already experimenting with smaller Garden style stores. The brick and mortar facilities will become, in a lot of cases, new distribution centers for shipping of products ordered on line from the Brand Names that survive the new economy and technology that we are experiencing at this moment in time.

These are just some of my thoughts on tomorrow. My dad died in 1980 at the young age of only 57 and would love to sit down and talk to him today about his thoughts on tomorrow. Would love to hear some of your prognostications; the subject is always so compelling.

What do you see coming?

Can you "see" new exciting inventions & cures coming because of Technology?

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