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Three Advantages of Hosted VoIP Services

Updated on July 16, 2010

Hosted VoIP Services

So you've already made your decision to switch over to VoIP technology and are now trying to make up your mind as to the implementation of the details. You have many choices ahead of you - either you can set up the whole show yourself, or you can outsource the management in different ways with different responsibilities.

In this article, we look at three important advantages of managed VoIP hosting plans compared to in house VoIP deployment.

Reduced Manpower and Knowhow necessary

If you try and implement a VoIP solution by yourself, you'll soon find that it requires a significant level of expertise. It's easy to set up a system just for a single person but the moment you bring in a large number of people, you'll need additional staff to handle the technology as well as ensure you have the right type of manpower to manage it.

Only specialized people know how to balance the need for bandwidth and cost when it comes to VoIP traffic and only those with experience have the ability to understand the intricacies of setting up a VoIP server and providing the functionality of call waiting, conferencing, call transfers and host of other issues.

No Obsolescence

VoIP is an evolving technology and there are many changes on the horizon which can lead to an early depreciation of your investment in VoIP systems. This includes not only the software, but also hardware upgrades to handle more voice data.

All this is anathema for a business trying to save money on unnecessary expenditures. However, with hosted VoIP services this isn't an issue since all upgrades of hardware and software are covered by the basic service fee without necessitating any glitch in your operations.

Hosted VoIP Plans
Hosted VoIP Plans

No Disruption of Business

Setting up a VoIP system for a business necessitates a significant disturbance of the regular business atmosphere. There will be IT people moving all around, taking over rooms to host the equipment, and generally creating a ruckus during which time it's possible that regular projects will fall behind deadlines and people's attention will be distracted.

By contrast, a hosted VoIP system can smoothly transition your organization within a day!

These advantages cannot be ignored. How many firms host their own web servers? Most choose instead to rely on a colocation data center - usually on a managed hosting plan. The same is true for VoIP. It's a service best left in the hands of experts. And the intense competition in the field means that it's becoming cheaper and cheaper all the time!


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