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Three Cost-Free Ways to Generate Web Traffic While Improving SEO

Updated on July 3, 2016

Online business owners should always focus their internet marketing strategies on link popularity and web traffic. However, doing so may be difficult especially when they are just getting started and do not have much money to spend. Those who are in that same situation should follow the tips below so that they can increase their web traffic and improve their rankings in search engine results pages without having to spend a dime.

Pursue an Article Marketing Campaign

Article marketing has proven to be among the most effective ways to drive traffic to a website when on a budget. Online entrepreneurs should post informative articles to free article directories and make sure that each one links to their website. They can also do the same in related blogs and websites by offering to publish guest posts.

As long as they can engage their readers through their articles and leave them wanting for more information, the link in their author's resource box will attract tons of clicks. Consequently, they will be able to generate valuable and targeted traffic for their online business website. Furthermore, each article they submit generates a backlink to their site. So, the more articles they are able to write and publish, the better for their SEO efforts.

Exchange Links With Related Websites and Blogs

Web entrepreneurs should try to find other websites and blogs that fall under the same niche but do not compete with the offerings of their online business. Once they find such sites, they should contact the owners and invite them to exchange links.

Link exchanges benefit both the web entrepreneur's website and whatever site they will be linking to so other website owners will most likely agree to a free link exchange. By doing this, online entrepreneurs can gain web traffic from the sites that they are exchanging links with as well as increase the number of backlinks they have for their search engine optimization campaign.

Be Active in Online Communities and Forums

Being active in forums and other types on online communities is among the most effective cost-free ways to drive traffic to a website. Online entrepreneurs should find forums that are related to their niche to be sure that they will be attracting visitors that belong to their target market. As they participate in such forums, they should try to answer questions posted by other members and share some relevant information. By doing this, other members will be more familiar with them and what they have to offer.

Before participating in such forums, though, online entrepreneurs should be sure to include a link to their site in their forum signature. This will ensure that other members will know where to go to find more information whenever posts spark their interest. This also helps increase their backlinks for the purpose of search engine optimization.

These are the three most effective free ways to increase traffic to an online business website while generating backlinks for a search engine optimization campaign. Online entrepreneurs should remember that improving their search engine rankings will eventually increase their web traffic as well so following these tips correctly will not only help them gain traffic but also sustain the number of visitors they attract in long run.


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