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Three Reasons The Bubblews Bubble Has Burst

Updated on November 12, 2014

About Bubblews

Bubblews is a website that allows its users to post ten posts (aka Bubbles) per day and then watch as they earn money on those posts.

In their own words: 'Bubblews is a content creation and discovery platform that combines the traditional social media model with unconventional leadership that allows users to profit from their posts. Bubblews is a holistic macro-blogging platform and social ecosystem where users can come to express their opinions, meet like-minded individuals from around the world, and be compensated for their contributions to the network.'

Logistically speaking, the users need to post no less than four hundred characters per Bubble and there must be a photo attachment with their post. The attachment you can get from a database called Pixabay on site that has several themed options, or you can choose a blank color as your photo attachment.

Other users will like or comment on those posts. Users get one penny for likes and comments, percentages on pennies for actual views of their post. Once a month, users can redeem their earnings and get sent a check to their PayPal account 35-60 days later.

Shift in Earnings Policy

Reason number one why the Bubblews bubble may have burst is that they recently made a shift in the way their users earn money. Users still will get a penny for anyone who gives their post a like or a comment. They used to give a penny for each view your post got as well.

In the stats for each post, you could see how many likes, views, and comments each of your posts had. They have since eliminated the stat for views. Instead, they made a statement that views will be rated according to the geography of the poster. Those from different parts of the globe will get different percentages on those views than other.

As an example, my bank account at their site was at $93.15 when I posted recently. Ten people liked my newest post and no one commented. My bank had moved to $93.29. So it appears that the portion Americans are getting is still 40% of a penny on views. It may be lower for others from the Far East. But those pennies do add up.

Shift in Redeem Policy

Prior to their changes, users were able to submit a redemption request every time they got past the $50 mark. Some users were redeeming every five days or so. They were paying out a lot and were losing track of people's payment requests as they were still adding in updates.

They have since changed their policy on redeem times. Users can go to their bank account at the site and hit their green redeem button only once per month now. What used to be a few hundred dollars per month has turned into closer to a hundred dollars for many users. That quite a shift in profits per month, leaving a very bad taste in the mouths of long-time users.

On top of the differences in redeem times, they also lengthened out the time for transferring payments over to users' PayPal accounts. It used to be right around thirty days when a payment would come through, with another five to seven days before it would clear. Now, they have changed their policy so that it is between thirty-five days and sixty days to receive a payment. For users looking for a quick turnaround on their efforts, this is no longer possible.

Users Are Being Nickel and Dimed

The latest change to hurt the site was a minor one but said more about the company philosophy than all the rest. In your own post, you were able to be the first one like it and view it. So for every post you made, you got at least two cents right off the bat. A good start that surprised most of us.

Recently, however, the company, without telling anyone, removed both of those options. Your own initial view of your post did not count and the like button disappeared from your own posts. While it made sense considering a user who might post three hundred posts per month (30 days at 10 posts per day) could make six dollars off the site just by his own hand (300x$.02).

It was a nice perk to know you could at least see some benefit. But now those options are gone. They eliminated full pennies from views, and then bonus income from your own views and likes in a matter of a week. It just felt like they were finding new ways to increase their own profits and not as concerned with their clients.


In Conclusion

While Bubblews still exists as a site where you can earn a little bit of extra money, it has become quite apparent that they are scaling back because their platform is unsustainable. There had to be reasons why these changes were necessary and the conclusion is that they were paying out more than they were taking in. The costs were greater than the Ad revenue they were generating.

It will be interesting to see what they continue to cut down because it seems apparent that the system they have in place will continue to struggle to meet the goals of both users and management. In the near future, either they will need to shut down, or they will drive their users away with policies that make writing there difficult from a time to profit analysis.


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    • Valeant profile image

      JOC 2 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      Hey Peach, I will drop an occasional post there, but it only makes about five cents. So it's more to vent and offload a really juicy thought. They did pay me the redemptions I was owed, although they did drop the one from $100 to $60. But I got nine of ten that I submitted and made about $600 from the site in seven months.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      do you still visit bubblews? did you get your redem money

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i still read the bub site, but didn't post any articles , maybe once a week, focus more on HP

    • LindaSmith1 profile image

      LindaSmith1 3 years ago from USA

      Everyone on bubbles is not getting a penny for likes, etc.