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Through a Lens

Updated on August 28, 2012

I love my new Canon power shot digital camera


Back in the days!

Today I was taking some pictures with my new camera, and me and my friend were talking about photos and how he wishes he had more photos of his father which passed away a long time ago. My father too passed away about 15 years ago and I don't have many photos of him either. However, I had an ephiphany and I was thinking how cameras well old school cameras has robbed us of memories that could have been captured! I am pretty sure that the reason my friend and I didn't have many photos from when we were younger is because cameras used to be such a hassle. Most cameras didn't have flash, only had 35 exposures if that, used batteries that were not rechargeable, and the film had to be dropped of for about week at the film developing place in order to process the film into photos! Therefore we always had to buy film and batteries, also pay for our film to be developed; which can be very inconvenient. Also, a lot of the times when we would get our pictures back some of them would be blank and/or messed up (just badly developed)! This is why I believe that we were robbed of the possibility of having more pictures of good memories, bad memories, and just plain pictures of people and places we loved!

I love my new camera

I now have a new Canon power shot digital camera and I love it! I take it with me every where. I have it in my purse or car most of the time, I never know when a good picture opportunity will pop up! I take so many pictures and with my digital I can take over hundreds of pictures and I can delete the bad ones in an instant as well. I also have choices of the type of photo I want to take whether it be a night time shot or a vivid shot they come out very spectacular. With the SD card I can add them to my desktop or laptop and make a picture cd or print them out right away! I am so glad for technology and the way it all develops into better and more convenient ways to use!!!!

Because of the updated and new technology one of my favorite hobbies is taking random pictures and a lot of them too!


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    • sassydee profile image

      Delilah 5 years ago from los angeles, ca


    • Jaspals profile image

      Jaspal Singh 5 years ago from India / Australia

      Very interesting topic with wonderful flow of language. It made my memories fresh. We all face such impressions. Well written. Thanks for sharing.