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Time based internet services in Nigeria

Updated on November 6, 2012

Paying by the hour

Although personal internet services in Nigeria are becoming more common, people have, for several reasons, always yearned for plans that allow them to pay on an hourly or time based rate. This is probably due to the fact that most prepaid internet plans in Nigeria don't offer an efficient service on a 24 hour period. There are peak times and there are go slow times and there are even times where there is practically no connection even though the service has been prepaid for.

Internet speed and connectivity in Nigeria is improving with the installation of better infrastructure such as the underground cable by Glo 1 and Main one. Nowadays, more and more Nigerians are becoming more interested in paying only for internet services they would actually use and not for the one that bills them, even without usage.

A time based internet service is one that allows subscribers to pay for internet usage on a time used basis. This form of service is being rolled out by numerous ISPs in Nigeria and they come in minutes, hours and bundle plans.

One good thing about time based or hourly based internet services in Nigeria is that it allows Nigerians to cut down their cost on internet usage while at the same time would be able to enjoy faster internet services during peak periods or at their preferred time.

There are actually certain times of the day when the internet service becomes very slow and I've experienced this too and you find out that even though you are connected to the service and your bill is running, you are still not getting the speed you expected. At worse times, you don't even get any downloads or uploads despite being connected. If it was a time based service, I could as well log out and then re-connect later on when the speed would be optimal.

Ideally, when paying for a full monthly internet connection, one actually pays for the service on a 24 hr basis and for that full month, whether he uses it or not but on a time based plan, one can cut down costs by simply paying for the maximum number of hours he uses per day and for the whole month.

Devices available

When it comes to time based internet plans in Nigeria as earlier mentioned, the service is available on multiple computer devices such as:

+ Mobile phone: This normally requires a sim card connected to your phone with which you will be able to subscribe to a time based plan. Mobile internet time plans are actually quite cheaper than desktop plans and can be faster too although there are limited to what you can do on the internet with a mobile phone

+ Laptops and Desktops: These are internet services available to your laptop or desktop computer. It would normally require that you get an additional gadget such as a 3g modem, USB device, phone line or Wireless modem. They tend to cost more than the mobile phone plans.

How much does it cost?

As at the time of writing this, one of the cheapest time based internet services in Nigeria cost about N100 per hour but the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

Benefits of Time based internet plans

  1. Costs less than full time internet plans since you don't pay for 24 hrs
  2. Not limited by data downloads or uploads
  3. Allows one to only pay on a time used basis
  4. Allows one to choose the best time for usage within the day.


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