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Looking to Save on Your Cell Phone Bill?

Updated on July 3, 2013

Company Background and Service Overview

Ting is owned and operated by Tucows, a company which has specialized in online software distribution and domain name registration since 1993.

Ting offers an innovative and affordable cell phone service; however, what really attracts me to them is their transparency. Ting’s website is very simple and user-friendly; all their rates are disclosed up-front!

I Noticed a few Drawbacks to Ting's Service

  • Ting cannot offer device discounts; this is partly because they do not use contracts. However, it is worth noting that Ting lets users bring their current cell phones onto the Ting service, if they are compatible.
  • The data rates are slightly on the expensive side, so if you use a lot of data Ting may not be the best option for you.

However, the Benefits Seem to Outweigh the Drawbacks

In my opinion, these are Ting's main benefits:

  • No contracts
  • Great rates
  • No over-usage limits or fees
  • Fair coverage (Ting uses the Sprint Network)
  • Tethering service is included with data
  • Video and picture messaging is included with texting at no extra charge
  • 4g LTE data (in highly populated areas, Ting's data service is even faster than my home high-speed internet!)
  • No hidden fees! Ting is very up-front and open about their rates

With Ting, You Pay for What You Use

I think of Ting as a hybrid service; it is a cross-between pay-as-you-go and plan-based. Users are billed at the end of each month based on which “bucket” their usage falls into for that month. For example, if during the first month you use 500 megabits of data, you will be charged $13. However, if during the second month you only use 100 megabits of data, you will only be charged $3. To help with budgeting, Ting has an application which shows users a snapshot of their current usage for the month.



Overall, Ting seems to offer a great service!

Currently, I am waiting for my two year contract to end with AT&T so that I can switch to Ting. However, I would not have written this article if I could provide a review from an actual Ting user. One of my close friends and his family have used Ting for the past 6 months with no problems; and when I talk with him on his cell phone, I can always hear him clearly. If you are looking to save on your cell phone bill, Ting might be worth considering!

I hope you found this information interesting and beneficial, thank you for reading!

Also, please check out tonywoody’s hub about FreedomPop, another extremely innovative cell phone service which operates off of data alone!


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