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Tips On How To Get A Hammond Organ Cabinet Restored

Updated on October 27, 2009

As with any other renovation or improvement project - you have a few different options available to you. One of the options you could do in order to restore a Hammond organ cabinet would be hire someone to do it for you. Unfortunately something like this might end up costing a lot of money, maybe even more than the organ originally cost! Another thing you could do is try to find a way to do something like this yourself. The third option I would suggest could still be quite pricey it involves looking online for various components of the cabinet.

But between the age of your cabinet and the shipping and handling and prices on these sites, you could be doing some major "jaw dropping" while looking around on these websites! For once I am going to actually suggest that you do find someone locally that can do this for you. Why? Well this is not your usual run of the mill project. This is going to take a lot of time and it's still going to cost quite a bit especially depending on what type of cabinet you have, how old it is, what needs replaced, etc. So in this situation you can do what you want, but after looking online for 15 minutes I am having dizzy spells with all the different parts involved and the prices and the names!

If you are a pro -- go for it. I am not! So I would choose a service being done by someone else. There are four specific types of Hammond organ cabinets, so depending on which one you have you are going to need to take different steps and you will need different services to help restore the cabinet. The types of cabinets that are available are; Concert, Console, Spinet & Single or one keyboard organs.

A lot of the different services are going to depend on which organ you have obviously, but it's also going to depend on other things as well. And to ensure yourself that you are going to find the BEST service options in your area and NOT be charged a lot of money, I would suggest taking these three things into consideration:

1- Condition of the organ. This has to do with the cabinet, the electronics, and the mechanical condition of the organ. Since this is the "shell" of the organ, the cabinet usually has a lot of wear and tear going on. If it's really bad, then you can almost assume it's going to be an expensive restoration. If it's not too bad, then you can expect a mild term of money to be spent.

2- Geographic Location. Believe it or not, depending upon where you are located, this can be a factor due to demand. It can also be a factor as well considering how far they will have to travel. Most of these service companies will come to where you are, but if its out of their reach you can bet they will charge extra for the transportation! Make sure you really try to find a service company in or around your neighborhood. Try not to go above 20 miles away in order to get the best price possible!

3- Demand for a particular model of Hammond. Just because the name Hammond is on an organ doesn't mean that it is worth a great deal. Only a select group of Hammond organs fall into this category. In general, and the word "general" must be stressed, the only models that have held their value are the tone-wheel models. And that is limited to a select group as well. In other words, we go back to quality and wear and tear. If the cabinet and other parts of the organ are really old and need a lot of work, it might not even be worth it in the end to you! If it's in good shape, these guys will surely be able to fix it for you for a certain price!

My biggest suggestion is to look online for any service company when it comes to restoring your Hammond organ cabinet. The Internet has been bigger than the Yellow Pages for years upon years. Its convenient, you can find local businesses in seconds, and best of all you can find reviews on those businesses; did they do good work, were they expensive or cost efficient, was it worth it in the end? These are all questions that can be found online along with answers from customers of these services. Make sure you pick someone that is truly going to do what they say they are going to do!


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