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Tips To Save Money On Your Energy Bill During The Winter

Updated on June 19, 2013

There are countless reasons why people cringe when they hear the word winter. Utility bills might be one of the biggest reasons. If you are lucky enough to have those bills included in your rent then you may not understand this anxiety. For the unlucky rest you know exactly why this strikes fear in many people’s hearts. However, there are a few ways that you can help ease the pain those bills cause during the winter months. Below are just some of the ways that you can save money this winter.

One of the most common ways people save money in the winter is to keep the heat turned down. This tip goes without saying. However, many people do not realize how effective this is. If you normally keep your heat set at seventy turning it down to sixty-five will make a big difference. Additionally, remembering to turn it down when no one is home and keeping it set on a lower temperature while you are sleeping can help you save on the amount of fuel that you use. Finding small ways to cut corners on fuel usage can help dramatically with your overall oil bill.

If you notice that your furnace is running continuously or you feel as though your home is not heating up adequately you may lack the correct insulation. Windows should be kept closed and plastic should cover them. If you do not like to put plastic on your windows insulated curtains are a wonderful alternative. If you have more than one door in your house you should consider using only one during the winter and properly insulating the others. Closing off rooms that you do not use daily is another great way to save on your heating bill. Also insulating your duct work by wrapping them with foil faces duct tape will make a dramatic difference this winter.

Resetting the thermostat on your water heater to 120 degrees can help to save on your energy bill. The water will still be warm enough for all your hot water needs. Make sure that your water heater is properly insulated as well. It only takes a few minutes and can help reduce your energy bill significantly.

There are many other places in your home that should be insulated that are commonly overlooked. Checking under your sinks in bathrooms and kitchens is a great idea. Many times wiring or plumbing come through the wall or floor in these areas and are usually not insulated. Simply seat these areas with caulking to help winterize your home.

Another great place to check for inadequate insulation is in your attic. This is especially true in older homes because many times the insulation is old or in some cases not even insulated at all. There are many programs available to people to help with this. There are a few that will help your to winterize your home for free when you qualify for these services.

If you do a lot of baking in the winter it is helpful to allow the heat from your oven escape. It is surprising how much this can help heat your home. Simply open the over door when you are done baking and allow the warm air to heat your home.

There are many energy-efficient products available to use in your home that can help reduce your electric bill as well. Some of them are a bit pricey but when you see the savings they will show to have been worth the money spent. Check with your local hardware store for products such as these.

These are just a few of the many ways you can save money this winter on your electric or oil bill. Finding other means of heat is also another useful tool. Wood stoves are a great way to heat your home and if you do not mind the extra work can save you a lot of money.


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