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Tips To Take Nice Photos

Updated on May 29, 2016

Taking nice photos makes people look better and happy. The fact is you do not need to purchase an expensive camera to take gorgeous shots. If you know certain principles, you can take better photos with only your simple phone or a medium quality camera. Here are some tips suggested by talented photographers for amateurs to engage in this hobby.

  1. 1. See the light

The light is the decisive factor for the quality of the photos. Simple task is raising your camera against the subject and identify the source of the light. What direction does the light come from? Accordingly, control your camera until you find a nice angle to shoot. The natural light from the sun emitting over your head is the best source for a fresh photo. In the evening, yellow lights of the high pressure lighting on streets can make your face more special and artistic. Take advantage of lights under different angles to increase the contrast of your photos.

  1. 2. Use flash mode in daytime

Many people think that flash mode is only used at night time, but it can be used in daytime to increase brightness of your photos. For example, if your subject is against the light source, please turn on the flash to adding more brightness to your subject. Your photos are much balanced, vibrant and removed the unexpected ugly shadows.

  1. 3. Review camera’s manual thoroughly

Each camera series has its own specification, the later version even has better functions than the former one. Understand the features of your camera can help you to use it flexibly and take the most advantages of functions.

  1. 4. Create natural smiles

Natural smiles make your photos fresher and more vibrant. Make sure that you count down from three to one for your friends make the most natural smile. In case you hold your camera too long, your friends are tired of smiling which are not such beautiful as it should be. Another tip is asking your friend to turn your head around and make a smile, it will have a great effects of lightening all your face.

  1. 5. Shutter speed

Pay attention to the shutter speed of your camera under different movements. In case you would like to focus on a fast moving subjects like a football player or a car in the race, you should turn on fast action mode in which your shutter speed needs to over 1/500th of a second, or at least 1/1000th. In case you want to capture the long streaks of athletes in a race, you should shift to a long exposure.

  1. 6. Rule of grid

Please imagine you divide the frame equally with 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines. And then put your subjects in 4 cross angles of the grid. This is one of the most basic techniques for the beginners but it works all the time with the professional photographers also.

  1. 7. Hold the camera firmly

In order to avoid blurs for the photos, the most important techniques is keeping your camera firm. Your left hand should keep under the lens and your right hand grips the body of the camera. This fixes the camera and avoid any unexpected shakes. If both hands grip the body of the camera, there is no support for the lens which causes the blurs for your photos. Other effective way is preparing a functional stand suitable for your camera or simply tucking your elbows into your ribs.

8. Backgrounds

You are not only capturing your subject but also choosing a beautiful background to make it more gorgeous. Some taboos for your photos’ backgrounds are trash, ugly wall, dirty sign, etc. which can break the whole photo even if your camera is good or your friend is a charming girl. Do not hesitate to ask irrelevant person to move or suggest other angle for your friends.


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