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Tips for Creating Call to Actions on Landing Pages

Updated on July 30, 2015
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Holly is an Online Marketing professional working at Hostway Corp, a Global Hosting Company in their San Antonio office specializing in SEO

Selecting a Call to Action that makes sense

Call to Action Options- There is a Call To Action that fits your need!
Call to Action Options- There is a Call To Action that fits your need!

Advertising and Marketing

The wonderful world of Advertising your business and Marketing your products. It is a creative niche that requires that your words, your presentation and how you approach your audience be attention grabbing and intriguing. Trust me, I know this from experience. I have worked at web design and development companies for years and now as an employee at a Global Hosting Company, I deal with the things that matter most about business marketing and making things work together. Beyond the headline and product is your "Call to Action", which in a nutshell, is what you want your viewers to do next.

Knowing how to use call to actions effectively can be a determining ingredient in whether or not your advertising is affective or falls short. Take into consideration some of these, Call to Action Tips to make your Website and/or Landing Pages a successful revenue building tool to grow your business.

Call to Action- Think Before you Ask

Choose your request wisely
Choose your request wisely

Call to Action Basic Rules of Engagement

  • Make sure your visitors know what they are getting before you present them with a call to action.
    • If the product/offer is complex, and your visitor must absorb and understand information so they can make an informed choice or decision- make sure you are giving this information before you ask them for a commitment. What this means is, "Don't have an "ORDER NOW", before you have presented the product. I
  • Make call to actions relevant to what you are offering-If you want someone to sign up- Use SIGN UP TODAY. But if you want them to contact you- Sign up today is obviously not the best call to action for the purpose. (don't laugh, it happens).
  • Do not, “CALL TO ACTION STUFF. As a marketer I understand that it is the job of your marketing to get the attention of your audience in order to get a response. But asking your viewers to "CALL TODAY", "GET MORE" or CONNECT NOW thirty times on a Landing Page that only has 200 word count is a little much- Use common sense, don't stuff your content.
  • Do EXIT call to actions when appropriate- or at least do testing to see if they work for you.
    • BounceExchange detects when someone is about to leave your website, then shows an offer to try to grab their attention.
  • Use color- Use a color that stands out, but does not clash with the background. You are aiming for visual flow- and easy to locate Call to Actions

Colors that matter and make a difference!

What is best for what you are saying?
What is best for what you are saying?

Call to Action Word Choice- Choose Wisely

  • The more value you can convey via your button copy, the more you increase your chance of improving conversions.
    • The word “Order” emphasizes what you have to do – instead of what you’re going to get. Whereas, “Get” conveys value as it emphasizes what you’re going to get – rather than what you have to do to get it.
    • CTAs that begin with “Buy”, “Order”, “Click”, “Sign-up”, etc. focus on what you have to do or part with to get something in exchange. This is not what you want a visitor to focus on!
    • Coming up with alternatives that start with, “Get” helps you focus on answering the viewers’ number one question. “If i do this, what’s in it for me?”- You always want to tell them the benefit of what they are gaining, if you don't- do not expect them to care about what you have to offer until you can.
    • Boring action words are those that seem to be over used and repeated, over and over again. These boring action words include- "Submit, Download or Register" are not only boring but can inherently lower your conversion rate. NOTE TO SELF- BORING IS DANGEROUS!
    • Use timing words in your Call to Actions. Timing words are words that create a sense of urgency. When you want to create urgency and rush people into action, consider using the word "Now" or "Act Fast". As long as people feel a bit urgency to do something so they don't miss out, you have done a good job with your call to actions. ,

Trust Signals that gain trust from viewers

When it says TRUSTe- it says, we are here for you!
When it says TRUSTe- it says, we are here for you! | Source
Tell them who you are and add a benefit by telling them who you are to others.
Tell them who you are and add a benefit by telling them who you are to others. | Source

It's all in their heads- Mindful Marketing to go along with your Call to Actions

  • In your emails, don’t worry about a big warm-up or lengthy product description.- Just get people’s attention.
    • Tell them how they’ll benefit.- Then tell them to do it.
  • A Psychological tidbit is the “say yes” principle. If you can get someone to cognitively “say yes,” then they are more likely to convert from a viewer to a new customer or if nothing else a new lead.
    • Landing pages often do this by presenting images or messages that a user will agree with. When it comes to the conversion action, the user is more likely to convert because he or she has been in agreement with the messaging.
    • Say Yes only works when you are able to relate to your audience. Show how you relate with a landing page that addresses their reasons for visiting the page, by asking questions and relating to the issues that you are addressing.

Gain their attention and keep their trust

Put some value into your landing page

  • The landing page headline and subheadings provide a key opportunity to promote the value of your offer. Most effective landing pages confirm the offer with the headline and use the sub-heading for further explanation of the offer or to share the value proposition.
    • You only have about 8 seconds to convince viewers that they should stay and look into the offer. To effectively do this- you need to be clear with your message. Keep the confusion and abstracted thinking for later, just say what it is and say what you mean.
  • Use TRUST signals. Trust signals help earn your viewers trusts. USE THEM. A trust signal is relationships that you have created with widely known authorities that will be recognized, and/or are reassurances that tell them that others trust you so they should too.

Key reminders that can help pull your stuff together

  • Keep your forms short- LESS IS MORE!
  • Landing Pages should always be Mobile Friendly- ALWAYS!
  • Match your landing page content/copy with PPC Ads and use the same theme and feel of the page on ads that are created and shared on Social Media
  • Test Pages- A/B testing will tell us a lot about what we are doing right and wrong and improve our approach and processes.

© 2015 Holly


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    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 2 years ago from Georgia

      Great information for anyone who is trying to grow customers, that includes authors and freelance writers. I am continually mindful of the call to action and also try to help others see the value of having them as a part of their landing page or even a part of their blogs, if their blogs are an extension of growing their business. Voted up.

    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 2 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      I'm not a marketer, so I won't be using this myself. But it's interesting to see what they are trying to do to me!

    • Amit Kackrot profile image

      Amit Kackrot 2 years ago

      It awesome work and presentation of knowledge and your experience . Really helpful my cousin going to start new company so your fabulous ideas really help full. Keep smiling and beautiful work

    • profile image

      amit 2 years ago

      Thi. Is awesome