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Tips on Improving Your Search Engine Ranking

Updated on January 1, 2013

1- Understand Search Engine's

If you truly want to rank high in search engine's you need to understand how search engines really work. Here is a detailed summery on how Google works. Bing and Yahoo also function in very similar ways but some experts feel that they take more emphasise on keywords and tags.

2- Build Rich Targeted Content

Google and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing love targeted content. They have small programs called 'spider's' that are constantly looking for more content that they can index. By adding targeted content on specific topics you can build a good reputation with search engines and gain more search queries on specific areas.

This also has a larger effect on people's ranking's. If you can brand yourself as an expert in a particular field people will always come back for more of your content.

3- Keyword Research

Keywords are the words that you are trying to target on your webpage. You will use them frequently throughout your content.

However before you choose certain words and phrases you need to do some research. Some keywords will be highly saturated and have very high competition. If you want to stand a chance and getting some exposure early on you need to choose words and phrases that have low competition.

A good tool to look at is the Google Keywords Tool. By choosing low competition keywords you should rank high in search engines.

4-Think SEO But Keep The Human Touch

There is no doubt that search engines value keywords and targeted phrases. However, the algorithms that search engines now use are very advanced and therefore will be able to identify and differentiate the natural content created for human eyes and the unnatural content purely created to try to rank high.

If you are going to try to rank high in Google, Yahoo and Bing try to work the keywords into your content naturally. It pleases both parties that way.

Google Expert On SEO

5- Build Meaningful Backlinks

Hundreds of back-links that have been spread across the web in random forums mean that you are particularly good at spamming. A few carefully placed back-links from other reputable websites tell search engines that you are highly recommended, and offer value to people. You can get back-links from these websites by offering to do a link exchange or guest post on their own website.

Search engines will be able to pick up on the fact that lots of other people think that you are a useful source, and this should shoot you up the ranking very quickly.

6- Go Social With Facebook And Twitter

Social media can help you grow your business through traffic, as well as help you gain higher ranking's. If people are liking and tweeting your website or webpage you will gain more links and become a more reputable source.

Read here how to grow your business through social media, and how to improve your customer service through social media.

7- Set Up Analytics And Webmaster Accounts With Google, Bing And Yahoo

All three of the big search engines provide invaluable tools that you can use to analyse your traffic and rankings. By using there services you can learn more about why you rank high for certain phrases and how the search engine's work.

Follow the links below:

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