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Tips to Increase Security for Your Phone

Updated on May 30, 2016

Fully understand these importance, people are taking aside bigger investment into getting their phones more secured. Here are some simple things but very useful tips for you to improve safety for your smart phones.

  1. 1. Keep your software up- to- date

Regardless of software you are using, it is advised that you should set up the automatic updates on regular basis. One suggestion is the latest version of the OS which can prevents any loopholes in the internet security. One improvement that people can normally see is the security reinforcement in the later software version. In case you do not get the software updated, your old version can not have enough resistance to viruses or threats

  1. 2. Set the strong lock screen

There are a couple of password types: words, patterns or face lock. Each kind of lock screen has their own advantages and drawbacks. Face lock is a chic style for youngsters, but according to many Google devices’ rating, the effectiveness and safety of this type are not as good as we imagine. There are many people having the same face shape and similar features that our phone may wrongly recognize. Pattern might seem fun, but it is the second most secure type of lock screen. This is a good way to set a lock screen for busy people who are absent-minded and having many other passwords to remember. Password is the most secure type for its unpredictable pattern. Make sure that you set the password with alternate numbers and words and avoid choosing your date of birth, or your family members, or names of your favorite pet for your passwords. Last but not least, remember to change your password regularly in order increase the safety for your phone

  1. 3. Install anti virus software

Viruses are no longer the problem for laptops only. As the smart phones are used as the small laptop, we tend to download from many unreliable sources, check email’s attachments which are likely to contain viruses, and install unofficial entertainment software which may turn out malware. These are the reasons that an anti virus software is crucial for our smart phone. Purchasing a copyrighted anti virus software is the best, in order to use the best functions for protection. Before installing, make sure that you choose the compatible software recommended by the manufacturer. It would be a problem if you choose the wrong anti virus software for your phone which may slow down your phone; the free anti virus software may take a huge capacity in your phone’s memory with little reliability.

  1. 4. Enable location settings

This function can protect your phone and locate your phone in case it is stolen. Many operating systems equip this function. In case your phone is running Android, just access Google play, hit the setting wheels and click Android Device Manager. You can modify the status of your phone, ring, lock or erase your device, and navigate the position of your phone also. If your phone is running WindowsPhone, just visit and log in. From here you can make your device ring and locate its position. To ones who are using Black Berry, you can use the Black Berry Protect Tool to obtain the similar results

  1. 5. Set children safety mode

This mode is now available on different operating systems such as Android, WindowsPhone and IOS. Your kids are normally curious of your smart phone and interested in messing around it. What if they call your boss in unexpected time or who knows, send your report to a third party


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