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Tips to find answers in Google

Updated on April 25, 2010


Tips on how you can get you answers easily from Google, from the meaning of words to the weather condition of your city.

Just type the right prefix and Google will give the information you are looking for.

Find Defination

For example, it is easier to get the meaning of word in Google by just typing >>

define: “the word you want to find the meaning”

For example, to find the meaning of “worthwhile”, you just need type >>

define: worthwhile

List of worthwhile definition from relevant sites.

  1. sufficiently valuable to justify the investment of time or interest; "a worthwhile book" -
  2. Good and important enough to spend time, effort, or money on -
  3. worthwhileness - value sufficient to repay time or effort spent -
  4. worthwhileness - The condition of being worthwhile -
  5. producing satisfactory or useful results –

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary   define: word
Google Dictionary define: word

Check City/Country Time

If you want find the time of a city / country.

Then type >>

time + the name of the city / country


time: + the name of the city / country

For example, if you want to find the current time of New Delhi, just type >>

time New Delhi


time: New Delhi

to find the current time.

Check Time

New Delhi Time
New Delhi Time

Weather Information

To check the weather, type >> weather + the name of city/country.  

To know Moscow's weather, just type >> weather Moscow.  

Looks like it is going to rain in Moscow from Sunday to Tuesday this week.

Weather Information

Moscow's weather
Moscow's weather

Stock Market Watch

If you have shares in the stock market, then to find out the company's performance just type the ticker symbol of the company in Google.

For example, to find out how Google is doing, just type >> Goog

Why on earth people are selling Google's share ?

Ticker symbols of Google, Toyata and Cisco

GOOG‎ - Google Inc. (NASDAQ)‎

TM‎ - Toyota Motor Corporation (ADR) (NYSE)‎

CSCO‎ - Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ)‎

To find out the ticker symbol of a company, please visit .

Please note, this feature is limited to selected stock markets only.

Stock Market Information

Stock Market Information
Stock Market Information

Unit Measurement Conversion

Next, what else ?

If you want convert measurement units, then type >>

“quantity” + “from unit of measurement” + “in” “to unit of measurement”.  

For example, 10 acres equal to how many hectares, type >>

10 acres in hectares

Type of conversion you could do.

  • Inch to Cm >> 100 cm in inches
  • Celsiun to fahrenheit >> 100 celsius in fahrenheit
  • pound to kg >> 150 pound in kg
  • US cups to US fluid ounces >> 2 US cups = 16 US fluid ounces

And many mores........

Unit Measurement Conversion

Unit Measurement Conversion
Unit Measurement Conversion

Currency Converter

And if you want to convert currency.

Just type >>

amount + “From Currency Symbol” in “To Currency Symbol”

For example to convert 1 Malaysian Ringgit to Us Dollar, just type >>

1 myr in usd

So, today rate is 1 Malaysian ringgit = 0.313381 U.S. Dollars .

Currency Converter

Currency Converter
Currency Converter

Find Similar Website

To find a similar type of website, then type >>

related:+“web url”

without any space between “related:”+“web url”.

For example, to find a similar websites like, then just type >>

Some of the similar sites like below, that you could check to find better deals on hotels and flights.


Find Similar Website

Find Similar Website
Find Similar Website

Find Movies

For moviegoers, the keyword is movie + location Or showtimes + location.

For example, for my Indian friends in New delhi, type >>

movies New Delhi


showtimes New delhi

You will see Showtimes for New Delhi, Delhi link, click the link to find the latest movies.

Find Movies


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