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Amazing tips to use google more efficently

Updated on June 15, 2012

Google has grown much from the level of a mere search engine. But still our primary purpose of going to is for searching in internet. Here I am sharing some tips to use Google search facility efficiently.
Now Google is growing in such a pace that Google will replace the whole internet in one day. So for growing with Google we need to be aware of new facilities that Google is offering to us and also how to use these facilities.

Google Search tips

1. Google is using keywords for searching and indexing different sites. So if you are using the correct keywords for your required matter, you will get correct results. Suppose you want to avoid certain keywords from search results. For example you wants to know about smart phones and you do not want to know about Nokia. Then you can search as 'smart phones-Nokia'. Google will eliminate results relating to Nokia from smart phones category for you.

2. For getting the results which are new or of a certain period you can use years also with search queries. For example you wants to know about Audi cars in the year range 2000 to 2009. Then you can search as "Audi cars" 2000..2009.

3. Similarly there is a lot of operators that Google allows you to use to refine your search results. you can find these operators in Google operators page

4. For getting meaning of English words and definitions of technical terms you can use the define keyword. For example 'define pawn' will show the meaning of the word pawn

5. You can use Google local for getting local results. For example for getting restaurant list in your locality, go to Google local and search restaurants there

6.intitle:index.of + mp3 -html -php searching like this will find urls that are directly linking to mp3 files. This is good for searching music available for direct download

7. If you want to search for a particular file type for example pdfs related to android, you can search like filetype pdf : android

8. Suppose you have a website. You can find how many pages of your sites are linked from other sites by searching like link:


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      privic4rule 6 years ago

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