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To-Do Apps For People Who Like Crossing Items Off (Evernote, Teux Deux, Any.DO)

Updated on September 17, 2012

I wanted to make a hub to highlight a few to-do apps that might not get as much attention as the well-known ones like Wunderlist, OmniFocus, etc. While these are great apps, there’s a LOT more to choose from! If you’re anything like me, you prefer to be able to cross things off a list. For me, that actually brings a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes I’ll even add something to the list that I’ve already done (but wasn’t on the list) so that I can cross it off.

Let me know how you get things done in the poll below and give me the specifics in the comments!


I’m a huge fan of Evernote in case you didn’t already know. It keeps everything together while I’m working on my Master’s degree. Every assignment I do is in there and of course my syllabus for each class. The way that Evernote helps me get things done while incorporating a to-do list is by adding my class schedule in a note. I list each class meeting in a note with a checkbox next to it. Under each week I write in what needs to be read and what assignments need to be completed. As each week passes, I check off the box next to that week. This keeps me focused on what’s ahead. If you’re interested in other ways to use Evernote, find out how I use it.

Evernote to-do list
Evernote to-do list

TeuxDeux and Any.DO

My favorite to-do apps for crossing things off are TeuxDeux and Any.DO

They both provide that sense of accomplishment by allowing me to cross items off that I’ve completed. From a design perspective they’re also very appealing. What I love about crossing things off is that it’s simple and these apps both maintain that simplicity. lays your week out in a webpage so you can view the current days items and what’s ahead. It also gives you the option of adding items at the bottom that may not fall on a certain day but that you still need to remember to do. TeuxDeux also has a fantastic iPhone app.

Any.DO does not have a web-based app yet. They do have apps for iOS and Android and an extension for Chrome. Their web-based is in the works and I’m willing to wait. One plus of Any.DO is that it’s smartphone apps are currently free. (TeuxDeux charges for their iOS app). Any.DO is great for everything that isn’t school related (although those things end up here sometimes!). It’s simple layout shows me what’s on the agenda for today and rolls over anything that I didn’t complete the day before. I can scroll down and quickly view tomorrow’s list and anything else going on this week or in the future.

Any.DO on the Chrome Web Store
Any.DO on the Chrome Web Store

How do you get things done?

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