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Laptop Survival

Updated on December 3, 2013

Save your laptop from water damage.



I was quite pleased when my keyboard led me to the Hub for the first time. It was as if I found an extension to my family. For the first few weeks my laptop acted as if it knew no other place to visit. That is until that dark and fatal day when death found my best friend The Laptop.

As usual I had my laptop positioned in it's position of honor on the table before me. A bowl of fresh butter popcorn and a tall icy glass of lemon aide was right beside it, all was right with the world.All of my emails had been addressed and the rest of the day belonged to me. Now is the time that I do the Hub Dance. Move the mouse over the tab with one hand and reach for the lemon aide with the other.Seems simple enough, anyone should be able to chew gum and walk at the same time. But not me I didn't just knock my drink over I wasted the entire thing, ice cubes and all directly over the top of my lap top. I did the normal 911 dance of trying to put the crime scene in order and see if I could revise the life of my friend. Removing batteries, unplugging, drying out, all of the survival methods I had learned when you are confronted with something like this. I was told by a technician that because the liquid was an acid base it was more than likely that I now owned a very expensive paper weight.If that wasn't enough I was also in a financial bind and had no money to replace my love

.Depression started knocking on the door but I tried not to give ear to him.What was I to do without my passion and the new family that I had opened the door to. How was I going to replace the hours of web surfing joy. Going to the library for a half hour or hour web use a day was not only costly but an inconvenience that would definitely bring about depression where was peace to be found for me.I tried pouring all of my free time into movies and TV but it was only a temporary fix. The weather outside was getting colder and I don't do cold well. I felt like "Pink" in her song entitled "Don't let me get me" She says in the song that " I'm a hazard to myself...don't let me get me...I'm my own worse enemy........." I found reasons to blame myself for my error and my fingers lost a friend.


Survival after laptop

I had to get a grip on myself, I did have a life before the laptop. It just seems so long ago. When you invest as much time as I do on the computer it becomes a necessary ingredient in the day. My next step towards recovery was to find distractions so that I did not take the absence too hard. Going beyond my own front door was a start, I do have good neighbors and enjoy their company. And in the wee hours of the night when I usually get a second wind I will pick up the book that I have sitting on the table. It's been there for some time now, and I always mean to read it; I now have a reason to. I know from self experience that when ever you deal with an upsetting situation " the only way out is going through ". Although there was no quick fix to my situation life had taught me many lessons " the kind of lessons that makes you strong when you are weak and weak when you are strong ".

To some this is a small thing and yet to others they know the heart of the matter without all the words. I will miss my old friend, we had a lot of good memories.

I recently bought a new laptop with which I can once again create. The mistakes of the past taught me well and will not be repeated. My new friend and I will have a long, safe and many happy times together.

Safety basics

Laptop Safety

Although there are many, these are but a few of the safety tips that I use on a daily bases.

  • No matter how tempting do not drink close to your laptop, accidents do happen.
  • Eating over your laptop causes crumbs to fall between the keys which can cause them to stick. This food crumb build up will even cause keys to pop off of your keyboard.
  • Working on your laptop while it sits on your bed can be very damaging. It can and will block it's vents from cooling down, which will cause over heating. Find something with which to elevate your laptop on if you are working in bed.
  • Never sit objects like books on your laptop, it is not a table and you never know the damage that repeated bad habits can cause.

© 2010 loveofnight


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