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Today's Newest Most Demanded and Essential Web Design Skills for Webmasters for June 2011.

Updated on June 22, 2011

There are a lot of hubs that talk about the essentials and basics of web design, but a lot of them are missing what is important for today and how the web design field has changed. It seems that a most web designers know how to hand code HTML 4.0 or use Dreamweaver (which does the HTMl for you). Also, most web designers are still using Javascript and have not adopted jQuery yet as a viable substitute for dynamic coding in the web browser.

If you are using any of the below technologies, I'd like to know how you are succeeding with them, but for those people designing their web sites, these new skills have revolutionized the way your web pages can look and they are much easier and quicker to learn.


HTML 5 was launched last year as has not been widely adopted yet by the web design community since Internet Explorer earlier than version 9 has not adopted it yet, making HTML 5 useless in Internet Explorer.

This is no longer a concern as a very powerful javascript program now creates the HTML 5 elements for Internet Explorer.

The program is called HTML 5 Shiv and can be added to your web sites with 3 simple lines of code found at This "Shiv" code makes HTML 5 available to all browsers as far as the markup.

With HTML 5, you can now store data on your website visitor's PC without having to worry about security issues like cookies. Also, HTML 5 let's you actually describe your tags without <DIV> tags and instead, now allows you to use <header>, <footer>, <section>, <article> (which is good for blogs, and more.


Most of us designing our own websites are still using CSS 1 and have not adopted CSS 2 yet, but that is ok as CSS 2 did not make much of an impact. However, if you have not yet adopted CSS 3, you are missing new technologies that can make your web design much easier without having to use graphic design programs.

Using CSS 3, you can now do all of these great things on your website:

  1. Make gradients
  2. Create drop shadows around your <DIVs> or HTML 5 tags
  3. Select certain positions of your elements, what CSS 3 calls " nth-of-type (or nth-child), which allows you to select any HTML tag in a certain position like the first <section> tag.. Very cool.

CSS 3 makes use of the webkit, created by Apple which allows you to do all of these things on your website and in spite of it being created by Apple, it is available on the PC based browsers as well like Firefox and Internet Explorer.

jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Plugins

jQuery is the newest way to enter javascript and has grown in popularity for the last 3 years. jQuery 1.6 has evolved and allows your website to perform so much functionality without your need to learn programming much. It is the fastest way to enter Javascript.

jQuery UI (User Interface) (check it out and download at allows you to add all of these cool features to your website:

  • Accordians
  • Autocomplete
  • Nice professional dialog boxes
  • Sliders
  • Tabbed web pages with the need to create the tabs with Photoshop
  • A Calendar and Date Picker
  • Progress Bar

Using jQuery UI is easy. Simply add one line of jQuery and call those program you want to use. You can also use the Themeroller which allows you to customize a color theme to match the theme of your website. You can check out the jQuery Themeroller at

Easy To Use jQuery Plugins

jQuery plugins are simply a way to add jQuery to your website without changing the original core file and there are so many jQuery professionals who have donated their plugins for free so you don't have to worry about recreating them.

There are over a thounsand jQuery plugins and most of them are free at

I hope this hub helps some update their web design skills.


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    • profile image

      Eoin H 5 years ago

      CSS 3 has saved me tons of time. Photoshop has been opened less and less as I use css 3 more and more.

      There is only one drawback though, it doesn't validate very well with w3c. But hopefully they will change a lot of that now that IE9 is able to render a lot of css 3.

    • hotwebideas profile image

      Bruce Chamoff 6 years ago from New York

      Hey Corey. Yeah, CSS3 is a BIG improvement over CSS 1 and 2. Let me know if you have any questions with it.

      Also, don't forget to get good at the webkit stuff, which makes CSS3 even MORE powerful ;)

    • coreyrab profile image

      coreyrab 6 years ago from Florida

      In the process of learning CSS3 and it definitely is a huge help for designing.