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Toolbar / search engine wars

Updated on December 18, 2011

Endless Toolbar & search engines

NO!!! I don’t want your damn tool bar and leave my preferred search engine alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I suppose I am just venting but after having to reinstall IE8 and after installing many programs, add-ons, plug-ins as everything wants to update I am so fed up with companies trying to sneak in tool bars or adding / altering my search providers I, and I suspect many others, am screaming EHOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!

Yes I know this isn’t really qualifying as a hub but I am just curious as to how many of you are tired of all this superfluous game playing?

I don’t have a single 3rd party tool bar. I have never used 1 and it is highly doubtful that I ever will. Yet I am frequently going into Control Panel to remove them. All the while software writers are trying craftier ways to sneak them in. A tiny check box on the 4th time you click “next” just added a tool bar and changed your search engine at the same time. Of course on the 2nd and 3rd they tried to change your home page.

I have exactly 2 toolbars the “Command” bar and the “Status” bar.

The most precious real estate in the room is that 15 3/4” glowing on my laptop. If I wanted to lease any of it to a tool bar the cost would leave them staggering for the door. Yet they seem to think that if they can just sneak their tool bar onto my desktop I will surrender that space and won’t charge them a dime.

What is worse is that the tool bar download steals bandwidth from what ever we are trying to download. Maybe that isn’t a problem if you have a cable connection with 15 MBS but if you are lucky to get 120 KBS it is stealing both space and time. The space you can recover by uninstalling but the time is gone forever.

The other day I chanced to look at my friends screen and a full 1/3 of it was nothing but toolbars and search windows. He didn’t know how to remove them and was watching his screen shrink time after time. Not everyone understands that they can get rid of these parasites and it affects them far more than me. In my mind it is just plain dishonest.

So tell me fellow Hubbers are you as annoyed about this as I am?

Does it bother you

Do you find this practice annoying?

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    • Credence2 profile image


      6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      GA, I think that this tool bar thing is all too sinister, someone is trying to get a cookie on my computer. What appears harmless and innocent may well be a diabolical ploy...


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