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Top 10 Best Apps for Iphone 5

Updated on July 7, 2013

Apple’s iPhone 5 reigns supreme in the Smartphone battle arena in various aspects. Though it is criticized by many as being an overrated handheld device, its smooth performance and durability is unquestionable. Many prefer the iPhone 5 over other equally powerful but cheaper mobile phones as it is guaranteed to last for a lifetime. Tests have been conducted and proved that the iPhone 5 is durable enough to withstand even a tragic fall. But of course there is more on the iPhone 5 than high quality parts and strict manufacturing standards. If paired with the best applications available for iOS, the iPhone 5 can serve as anyone’s partner in making each day hassle-free, more productive, and a lot entertaining.

Nevertheless, deciding which of the many applications for iPhone 5 nowadays to prioritize won’t be a walk in the park. Installing them all is not an option either since this mobile device has a limited memory capacity. Your goal must be to only grab applications that are truly worth keeping since you need extra space on your memory to cater other important files such as photos, videos, and documents. If you are clueless regarding your current best options, browse through this hub and discover the Top 10 Best Apps for iPhone 5.

Tempo for iPhone 5 logo
Tempo for iPhone 5 logo

The makers of the well-known iPhone app Siri once again came up with a really handy product called Tempo. This is a smart calendar specifically designed to make scheduling easier and convenient for iPhone 5 users. It’s far from being a typical calendar as it can hold various types of information such as documents, phone numbers, locations, and e-mails. This iPhone 5 application is specifically import for students, business owners, and anyone who needs to follow a strict schedule and deal with deadlines. Time is gold and there’s no better way to make sure that you are using it at the best approach possible by having a calendar and scheduler right in your mobile device to keep you updated whenever and wherever.

Evernote for iPhone 5 logo
Evernote for iPhone 5 logo

The Evernote app was introduced before iPhone 5. Apple Smartphone aficionados welcomed the app warmly as it helped remind them about crucial daily tasks and any other kind of information by a simple glance at their mobile. But a new and improved version of Evernote has been released for iPhone 5 packed with exciting and useful features. Now, you can add web clippings and audio on your notes. It also allows users to have multiple notebooks making organization hassle-free. Another factor which caused the growing popularity of this iPhone 5 app is that it comes with an easy-to-use interface so virtually anyone can use it effectively. Having Evernote on your iPhone 5 will definitely improve your productivity and reliability particularly on work-related matters and school activities.

WhatsApp for iPhone 5 logo
WhatsApp for iPhone 5 logo

Forget about texting your friends to meet up and spend a penny each message sent since you can do it for free through WhatsApp. This messenger for iPhone 5 is specifically designed for users with distant acquaintances as it can establish communication to any part of the world without introducing international charges. Those who have loved ones living or working overseas will surely find this app useful and very handy. With WhatsApp installed on your iPhone 5, you can share photos, audio, videos, and messages to the people who matters most regardless the time or their current location. Communication with your handheld device can never be more convenient and easier than this!

Flipboard for iPhone 5 logo
Flipboard for iPhone 5 logo


Do you follow a very busy schedule disallowing you to constantly check about the latest news and how your distant family and friends are doing? Flipboard is an iPhone 5 application that can totally change this scenario as it can help you gain access to news around the web including the latest Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and Instragram update right on your mobile phone. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to customize and prioritize the type of news that matters to your most. You can also create a magazine through Flipboard containing all your interests and things that are currently keeping you busy. Sharing it is also a click away which makes this app a must have for those who are living away from their families and want to share their live to the people close to their heart.

Pinterest for iPhone 5 logo
Pinterest for iPhone 5 logo

Pinterest is among the most successful websites in our time. It started out as a simple online platform where users can share and enjoy various types of photos ranging from black and white sketches to alluring and high-definition photos of people, wildlife, nature, and known places across the globe. The availability of a Pinterest app for iPhone 5 is a clear indication of its continuous success and growing fame. Pinterest is far from being a plain website since it is now considered as a brand known to offer fun, free, and innovative photo sharing services.

Vine for iPhone 5 logo
Vine for iPhone 5 logo

Vine is a video editor for iPhone 5 that lets users come up with looping videos with or without sound. Vine is perfect for those who want to create videos for special occasions without overspending just to grab any of the expensive and sophisticated video-editing software in the market today. This iPhone 5 app’s interface is designed for easy usage allowing virtually anyone to come up with enticing videos from scratch in just a few minutes. In a society where sharing wonderful memories through all sorts of media is part of everyone’s lifestyle, having a handy video editor on your mobile will surely lead to thrilling opportunities.

Dropbox for iPhone 5 logo
Dropbox for iPhone 5 logo

The iPhone 5 has a very limited storage space. This is true particularly on cheaper models. With all the important applications, photos, videos, and documents that need to be stored on your mobile, it’s a normal reaction to be highly interested about a way to expand your handheld’s memory capacity without spending a cent. This is what Dropbox for iPhone 5 can offer. Dropbox started out as a simple online tool for desktop computers and drastically gained fame due to its undeniable importance. It’s like having your own remote hard disk drive which you can access anytime and anywhere given internet connection is available. It’s also a perfect way to share files with huge sizes which as we all know is impossible through e-mail.

Google Chrome for iPhone 5 logo
Google Chrome for iPhone 5 logo

The internet plays a major role in today’s society. Some consider it as their main tool for communication while others spend most of them online either working or entertaining themselves. Having a mobile phone which can connect to the internet has become a need and there’s no better way to get the most out of iPhone 5’s impressive WAN hardware than to pair it with a reliable and fast internet browser like Google Chrome. This app serves beyond a typical internet gateway as it comes with innovative features such as Google Cloud Print which allows users to save pages as PDFs and be stored on their personal Google Drive. Those who frequently use the internet for information gathering will certainly find this tool very useful as it can save them a lot of time and effort.

Instagram for iPhone 5 logo
Instagram for iPhone 5 logo

Over 80 million people worldwide agree that Instagram is the best way to share photos online. Aside from ease-of-use and reliability, this iPhone 5 app is preferred by many mainly because it introduces new features every now and then to make photo browsing and sharing less time-consuming, hassle-free, and more enjoyable. Instagram also helps users bring out the inner beauty of their photos through custom-designed filters and borders. With this iPhone 5 app at your disposal, you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to come up with playful photos which you can share to the rest of the word. Instagram truly deserves to be a part of this list of the Top 10 Best App for iPhone 5 and maybe on top in the near future.

Google Maps for iPhone 5 logo
Google Maps for iPhone 5 logo

The iPhone 5 has a built-in map but almost everyone knows how unreliable it is. Complaining about it won’t help at all so why not simply grab the Google Maps? I consider this iPhone 5 app the best basically because it completes this luxurious mobile. The iPhone 5 seems to have it all other than a reliable mapping system and Google Maps serves as the best filling to this considerable hole. By installing Google Maps, you can once again rely on your iPhone 5 for directions while traveling in an unfamiliar place or searching for the shortest route possible towards a specific destination without facing dangers of being lost or out of track, scenarios many iPhone 5 users worldwide experienced while using their mobile’s innate maps.

Use Google Maps like a pro!

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