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Top 10 Best Ipad Keyboards

Updated on March 14, 2011

Intro to Ipad Keyboards

Ipad Keyboards have been around almost since the introduction of Ipads. The keyboard is a bluetooth technology keyboard so that it gets the right connection for you. The bluetooth allows uninterpreted service to your ipad.  Even if you don't use the keyboard a lot it also serves as a protection device for your Ipad from being damaged if dropped or hit by anything.

Also the keyboards include Ipad specific hot keys for easier navigation than a normal keyboard.  This helps out tremendously for even the person in the most hurry.

The new ZAGGMate Apple Ipad Keyboard
The new ZAGGMate Apple Ipad Keyboard

Why You Should Buy a IPad Keyboard

The Ipad is a great gadget but sometimes you may get tired of using the touch screen especially when it comes to writing a lengthy email or any other project requiring alot of typing. 

The Ipad hooks right up to the Ipad Keyboard.  These accessories come in a variety of styles from leather to plain plastic cases.  Most also protect the Ipad while it's tucked into the keyboard

10) Mini Ipad Keyboard

This is one that you may want to avoid having no positive feedback on it.  The mini keyboard is great for keeping things small.  This can also work for many other items not just your Ipad but alot of people complain about pretty much anything it features especially the size because it makes it tough to type.  That's why I would not pick the Mini ipad keyboard as a top product on my guide to the top ten ipad keyboards.

9)The I.Sound Ipad Keyboard Top Ten Ipad Keyboards

The I.sound ipad keyboard features pretty much what all the others offer your drop and scratch protection, a keyboard, wireless hookup to your ipad.  This ipad keyboard rank low on the top ten ipad keyboards because it doesn't hold the ipad properly.

Their are more complaints than compliments which is not a good sign for a product.

8)The Freedom Pro Ipad Keyboard

The Freedom Pro Ipad Keyboard is a great product but a lot of people complain about the connection issues that this Ipad keyboard has.  People say it disconnects a lot.  Also the tech support group for this company is not the greatest.  With people contacting them and hearing nothing back.

keyboard features 5 full rows of 75 full size keys in a QWERTY keyboard layout with tactile feedback and dedicated number keys, also their are many short cut buttons that can be programmed.

7) Caseboard Apple iPad Bluetooth Keyboard

With the Caseboard Apple iPad Bluetooth Keyboard I was a little skeptical of this brand but I tell you what I was really impressed.  This keyboard is unlike all the other Ipad Keyboards.  It's a real hard click keyboard unlike the others that are vinyl.  Also the it's a real full size keyboard with the shift button on the right.

Also I was getting about 110 hours per charge which is incredible, and you can charge it with the usb cable. The Caseboard Apple iPad Bluetooth Keyboard  is a great deal for anyone just the brand is not well known that's why it ranks lower on my list.

6)Menotek iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Top Ten Ipad Keyboard

I love this ipad keyboard but the price is more expensive than most the others but the Menotek iPad Bluetooth Keyboard is a great looking ipad keyboard.  What makes this a better deal for the money is the nice metal stand that supports your Ipad even if you touch it.

Most models don't have a support system for the Ipad and can allow it to fall when your working on it.  Also some other great features are a

  • waterproof ipad keyboard
  • removable keyboard
  • Rechargeable by USB

With this Menotek ipad keyboard the right shift key is not on it like most models. 

5) The Apple Ipad Keyboard Dock Top Ten Ipad Keyboard

Looking for a keyboard for your Ipad for work and home. Then the Ipad keyboard dock is perfect because it's very user friendly. Many people say it's not very travel friendly which I have to disagree with a little, I had no problem using it in airports or public areas.

The only bad thing is that it can only be docked one way which can be a pain to some people.

4)D-Lux Ipad Keyboard Top Ten Ipad Keyboard

Even though this is the old model people like this more realistic keyboard feel of this ipad keyboard. The D-Lux keyboard case is great because it has dedicated keys for Select All, Copy, Cut, Paste, Blank Screen, Slide Show and Search... as well as Command, Option, Function and Control Keys which makes typing then. go a whole lot easier.

3) Gembox iPad Keyboard Case Top Ten Ipad Keyboard

Next on the list is the Gembox iPad Keyboard Case this sleek looking keyboard for Ipads is great because the battery life is around 45 hours on a single charge.  Not only do you get the A/C Power Wall Charger but also the USB charging cable.

Also no magnet on this keyboard as well as same great protection from dropping it.

2) ZAGGmate iPad Keyboard Top 10 Ipad Keyboards

One thing that makes the Zaggmate a top choice for my guide is the nice battery life that can last weeks without charging because of the 510 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery.  If I use it daily I can go about 2-3 weeks before a charge is needed.

Also the Zaggmate Ipad keyboard features the drop protection because of it's military grade padding materials.  Also the hinge allows for 10 different positions for your screen and also the ability to hold the screen both portrait and landscape mode.

People recommend if you have large hands not to use this because of the cramping of the keyboard.

1.) Kensington KeyFolio Top Ten Ipad Keyboard

The Kensington Keyfolio is the luxury type of Ipad keyboards. What makes this ipad keyboard great is the fact that it provides full access to all iPad controls and contains NO magnets. Having No Magnets is important so that you don't affect the performance of the Ipad.

The Kensington Keyfolio is very important to your Ipad also because it protects it from scratches and damages, by taking the blow if dropped or hit.

The biggest complaint that is voiced is the missing right shift key. If that is the case for the $60-$80 you will have to decide if that's worth it to you.


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