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Top 10 Cydia Apps

Updated on April 11, 2012

1.) 3G Unrestrictor

This app comes in handy for multiple reasons. Apple limits the amount of data that can be downloaded at once from the App Store on a 3G network. The app tricks the phone into thinking that it is on a wifi network and doesn't have a limit on download sizes. It also works with FaceTime; with this app you can FaceTime your friends and family wherever and whenever you'd like. It cost $3 on Cydia.

2.) WifiSync

Tired of always having to plug up via a cable from your phone to your computer in order to sync your media (photos, videos, songs). This app is made as a solution to that very annoying problem. You can connect and sync over a wifi network between your iPhone and computer. No more worrying about some dumb ol' cord. All you have to do is download WifiSync's software onto your computer and you'll be ready to sync everything over the air!

3.) Winterboard

A must-have for any jailbroken device. If you do not have Winterboard installed on your jailbroken iPhone, I do not know why you own one. Winterboard allows you to fully customize an iPhone with tweaks and themes. You can mix up multiple themes, grab things you like from all of them, and see how they look together.

4.) Dreamboard

Dreamboard is an alternative to Winterboard. They both have their pros and cons about each them. Dreamboard is a theme manager which allows you to switch between a handful of themes very quickly. Open Dreamboard, choose a good-looking theme, and watch your iPhone transform before your eyes.One good thing about Dreamboard is that it does not need to be resprung every time you switch to another theme, which is very unlike Winterboard.

5.) Activator

I love this app because it allows me to set up customized gestures to make my iPhone do practically anything. It helps decrease button wear and is very convenient when you want shortcut gestures to something.

6.) Installous

You can search, download, and install applications directly to your device. You're going to need a 3rd party source. Go to settings, sources, add source, and type ""

You can then search for Installous and download and install it. Installous has listings of all the paid apps and it has the downloads available for free. (I don't endorse piracy and don't accept any responsibility for punishment for those who may commit such a crime.)

7.) BiteSMS

It is a better alternate messaging app than the one that comes with the iPhone. It allows you to reply, view it later, call, quick-view, delete, forward, skype, or facetime all within one little popup box from any screen. You will find this app very convenient and useful if you can get over the fact that it's pink.

8.) iFile

This is a file manager/viewer which gives user an easier navigation through the files on your iPhone system. You can view multiple types of files, such as, movies, sound, text, HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Office documents. You can jump to a specific page in a PDF. It also supports zip/compressed packing and unpacking. You can send these files in the system via email.

9.) Color Keyboard

The stock keyboard looks boring and plain. With Color Keyboard you can choose from plenty of color-themed keyboards to have on your phone. They all come in one download package, it's just a matter of choosing which color scheme you want and respringing your iPhone to see the changes.

10.) Lockdown

Tired of always having to worry about people snooping through stuff on your phone? Lockdown locks apps and requires a password to get in and also has a "forgot password" option. JUST IN CASE.


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    • unikaman profile image

      Amandeep Singh 5 years ago from London UK

      Great list of JB apps and tweaks - I think you should also add NCSettings and Auxo to this list... :)


    • nealbo profile image

      nealbo 6 years ago from P

      I'd have to add SBSettings and SBRotator to that list!

    • profile image

      freezbay 6 years ago

      @ Jeremy Thank u for accepting my advice. Well, I am a newbie too! If you have any problems in any matters, for eg:- in getting ur adsense approved or any other, just contact me.

    • Jeremy-Scott profile image

      Jeremy 6 years ago from Texas, United States

      Yes, I'm definitely a noob.! I really appreciate the advice and open to any constructive criticism like yours. Thank you for the view, following me, and the advice.!

    • profile image

      freezbay 6 years ago

      Nice post. Welcome to Hubpages! A bit of advice if you don't mind - Rearrange the capsules so that it doesn't look bulky. Am a newbie like you. But, I told what I felt. Hope you don't mind! I am following you and expect more hubs from you!