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Top 10 Facts about Google

Updated on January 4, 2013

Google's Amazing Facts are Everywhere

We all know that Google is pretty much the Lord of the Internet. Can we article writers write up a engaging article without the use of the search box we all like to write on?

I know that I depend on Google a whole lot - I use it to search for virtually everything, from restaurants to raw data on the most complex things in existence. Using Google you can instantly know the diameter of a far away star - this was unthinkable before!

Throughout this Hub I'm going to be presenting some amazing or interesting facts about the company we all got used to see as a beneficial presence.

10 - An Ad in Google's Homepage would cost you $10 million

We all know that the blank page of Google could be monetized - and they know it too.

It's just more profitable to keep it simple and blank... we all love it this way, and Google doesn't want to mess that up. Even so, the company calculated that to rent an ad space on the Google's homepage at, businessmen had to be willing to cough up 10 million dollars!

It's not surprising, since you know those impressions would be an insanely high number!

9 - Google or Googol?

If you are a maths teacher or a pretty knowledgeable guy, you ought to know the term Googol means a 1 with 100 zeros in front of it...


Well, Google's name was inspired in this mathematical figure, and that's why the search results are displayed like this: GOOOOOOOOOOOOGLE

That may not be amazing, but it's pretty interesting.

8 - Google's Doodles began in 1998

It wasn't supposed to become such a tradition, but Google's developers placed a stick figure before the iconic Google logo to let their users know they were attending the "burning man" festival.

Turns out the users liked it and so did the developers - they have been doing Doodles ever since!

And let's face it, they have done some pretty amazing ones lately.

7 - Google hires Goats

Google has a grassy garden, I mean on it's facilities, and it doesn't use land mowers to get the grass cut. Instead, Google rents herds of 500 Goats to do the job!

Why? Most certainly as a Marketing Stunt - to show its creativity - or a Social Marketing decision to show the media it cares about the environment and chooses the green solution.

I wonder if Google hires dust eater microbes to clean all their power consuming servers!

6 - Google in Klingon Language

It is a well known fact that Google is translated in more than 80 languages worldwide.

It's popularity makes it a necessity if the Internet Lord wants to expand to all corners of our round globe. But maybe you didn't know that there is a version of Google in Klingon.

I bet there are many happy nerds around that version.

Klingon: qamuSHa' Google!

5 - Google has a pet named Stan

Every successful company needs a mascot right? Well Google is no different and in its headquarters it has a pet named Stan.

What kind of pet? Well, a titanic one named T-Rex.

The skeleton of a huge T-Rex named Stan is the mascot of the huge Google, and it makes the delights of children that visit the facilities.

4 - Yahoo? More like Boohoo...

Once upon a time, Yahoo was the default search engine for everybody... and lots of people used it.

It just happens that Yahoo had the chance to buy Google for one million dollars. Yahoo rejected the deal, as it felt it was too large of a sum!

Nowadays, Yahoo is worth 20 million dollars and Google more than $100 million - Boohoo!

3 - "I'm feeling lucky" is an Unlucky Amulet

"I'm feeling lucky" is the button that transports the searcher instantly to the highest ranking result.

Well, it turns out that Google keeps that button to comfort us - but it is an unlucky Amulet for them, as it makes them lose millions in potential advertising revenues.

Personally, I don't use it! What about you?

2 - Google has 1 Million Servers

Google has a lot of daily searches, more monthly searches, a huge amount of yearly searches - you know what I mean.

All these searches make the necessity of an insane amount of servers an undeniable truth. That's why Google has around 2% of all the World's servers - and this makes for more than 1 million servers worldwide.

I don't think they resort to green energy... but as long as my search box works...


Has Google Peaked?

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1 - Google is a God?

A God is an omnipotent and omnipresent being.

There are a lot of articles, scientific articles, books and blog posts about why Google is a God - just search it... on Google of course.

The reality is that online, you can't escape it. Google sees your data through searches, ads, the browser google chrome, gmail... and so on.

Time to think twice before saying something nasty!

Did you know?


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