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Top 10 Funniest Websites on the Internet

Updated on August 7, 2011

The internet is an incredible tool to meet people and learn information but sometimes we want to just kick back and have some fun. There's no shortage of funny websites on the internet but just a few are consistently bringing the laughs (in my book).

This hub is dedicated to the funniest websites on the internet. They aren't necessarily ranked in any order but they're all guaranteed to give you more than a few chuckles.


Engrish is a comedy website that pulls together pictures from around the world of horribly spelled English words and phrases. Nobody said that everyone is a master of the English language and this website definitely shows it. The site is full of thousands of funny pictures of all kinds of grammatical mistakes and massacres of English spelling; it's quite a laugh.

The Onion

The Onion is a satirical news website that takes the most popular headlines and flips them around in, well ... a satirical fashion. Think of The Onion as a legitimate news source that doesn't take itself seriously; they still capture the recent headlines in the news but put such a hard, funny twist on them that they're obviously not true but still a laugh riot. If you really love what The Onion does than check out the movie they made a while back; it's hilarious.


Uncyclopedia is a tongue-and-cheek encyclopedia for pop culture and all parts of our lives but with its own, odd twist. The information you read is less about the facts and more about trying to get a joke or a quick jab out of everything under the sun. There are thousands of hilarious listings from people to products, things and places; think of it like a satirical Wikipedia.


FailBlog is a blog where people upload and share pictures, gifs and videos of people failing at every type of action from crashing their bikes to losing their cool and making an idiot of themselves. When people fail, you can expect it to appear on FailBlog. The site is hilarious and reminds you of just how idiotic people can be sometimes. Yes, when someone is a fool, it's going to be posted online - that's where FailBlog comes in.

The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is a web comic with style; it blends together pop culture and geeky references to give you a hilarious, satirical look at the world around us. The art work is quite amazing and subject matter is always worth a laugh. The Oatmeal always delivers in comedy gold. The site also had a great book out with the "best-of" comics from the series so far.


Break is the best place, online, to find funny online videos. Youtube may have its share of funny vids but it's really Break that's the leader in videos that will get more than a few laughs from you. Of course, not everything is just for chuckles because there are a ton of really cool videos and pictures on the site that will entertain you for hours on end.


Cracked is an essential stop, for you, when looking for funny websites on the internet. Cracked started off as a funny magazine, like Mad, but made the push for the web; they now regularly publish hilarious posts, videos and pictures on a daily basis which makes it easily one of the funnier websites you can check out on this list. Besides being funny, there are a lot of posts that are actually quite informational; you'll learn a lot about the wildest things you never knew existed.

Funny or Die

Funny or Die is a comedy website that lets users rate each video as either 'funny' or 'die'. The website is heavily about indie videos that are a step above just random events that you'd see on Youtube or other websites; there are many videos that are professionally created and blend the line between real comedy TV and amateur creations on the web. There are plenty of funny pictures, lists, posts; you can setup an account and get started as well!

I Am Bored

I Am Bored is the ultimate website when you're, well ... bored. There are thousands of funny videos, pictures and links to discover on the website. The actual site doesn't look all that attractive but it doesn't need to be because it really pulls in some of the best stuff from around the web; it's sort of like a moderator for the funny-side of the web.


Reddit can be a little bit of an overload at first because its so massive in terms of individual topics (subreddits) that you can check out but it's always quality stuff. Members share and create content, comment and vote on submissions and have created a really unique place to find funny videos, pictures and great discussions on the web. Reddit is more of an 'everything' site because you can just as easily find funny videos as you could find very informational discussions about current politics.

This list should be enough to get you started with the funniest websites on the internet. There are tons more out there but you've got to start somewhere; I think you should definitely check out these ones if you're in for a laugh - they're really funny and awesome!

What other funny websites would you recommend?

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    • Terishere profile image

      Terishere 6 years ago

      This is a very good and informative hub! I have to pass this on to my son. He loves comedy and anything funny.

      Voted up, useful and interesting.


    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 6 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Two of my favorites are:


      because you can be the comedian!