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Top 10 Google Extensions/Addons

Updated on June 16, 2010

What is Chrome

Google Chrome is the newest browser to rival Firefox, Safari, and Opera as of mid 2010. The features of Chrome include:

  • customizable themes
  • extensions
  • efficient screen usage
  • very fast page speeds
  • and lightweight design

In fact, it's the fastest browser of them all (link to benchmarks will be released soon). Chrome also has the second largest selection of extensions, next to Firefox. As of June 2010, there are over 5000 extensions available. Many of these are ports of Firefox plugins. With so many extensions, it may be difficult to find the best ones. Fortunately, the database of extensions can be organize by popularity, category, most recent and highest rated.

The List

With Google's system of arranging extensions, it may take some time for the best extensions to shine, and that is why I created this list:

1. Cooliris

Cooliris is an efficient way of searching Google for images, Youtube for videos, and Amazon for products. You simply click on the icon to open a new Cooliris window and type your query in the search box. Or, you can window shop and look at images through different channels, like Documentaries or Hot new Pics. You can even search your own computer and attached devices for pictures and videos. 

2. After the Deadline

A very convenient tool that checks the spelling of everything from blog posts to translations. This appears whenever you click on a box to type something. The spelling corrections can be made by first clicking on the little check mark that appears at the bottom right corner of a text box. It then highlights and provides very accurate corrections of the misspelled werd or grammatically not correct sentence. I find this tool to be very crucial for blogging as a spelling typo does not do justice to  a writer's reputation.

3. Feedly

Feedly is a "magazine-like" start page that displays your most favorite sites, services, feeds and a bit of text from each website. Feedly displays and integrates flawlessly with Youtube, Google Reader, Amazon and Twitter. This can be an excellent way to find inspiration while blogging.

4. Last Pass

Last Pass allows you to view all the passwords and user names that Google Chrome saves for you in a click of a button. It lists them for you to view and edit them at will. This is very useful for people with lots of memberships in forums, blogs and auction websites. All you have to do is remember one master password instead of a few dozen. Another feature that's unique to Last Pass is that it can automatically fill forms and save them.

5. FlashPlus

FlashPlus allows you to customize your viewing experience with flash movies or games. You can , resize, move, adjust to fill your browser or darken the web page surrounding the object. Once you're done, just click on the button to reset everything back to normal. I especially like it on Youtube and flash game websites.

6. RSS Subscription Extension

RSS Subscription Extension pretty much explains itself. It is a nice, lightweight extension designed by Google that makes subscribing to websites really easy. The extension checks if there are any RSS feeds available. If there is, then a RSS thumbnail appears for you to click and subscribe. Very simple and very useful!

7. Smooth Gestures

Inspired from Opera's mouse gestures, this plugin allows you to right click and drag your mouse around the screen to create a mouse gesture. These programmable gestures allow you to do simple navigational things, like open up a new tab, scroll to the bottom/top of pages, view previous page and so on. For those who have a hard time remembering which gesture does which, you can view an honorable mention of an extension similar to this, called Chrome Gestures.

8. Facebook Photo Zoom

Facebook Photo Zoom allows you to zoom in on any photo (excluding profile pictures) with a press of a button or keyboard shortcut. This lightweight feature can be turned on or off with a button that is located to the left of the chat bar. You can also program a keyboard shortcut to your preference.

9. InvisibleHand

InvisibleHand helps you save money while shopping online. When you view a product page, it quickly searches other websites for the same product at a lower price. If it does find a lower price, it will create a little pop-up like in the image above with a link to the product. For the online shopper, this can save you quite a bit of money, especially if you're buying PC parts.

10. Do Not Press

Do Not Press is not really useful for browsing the web, Tweeting, or even posting on blogs. It's a little game that can be played in your bowser. There is no goal, but there is definitely a surplus of humor. You'll obviously want to press the button. But when you do, you won't stop pressing it - believe me.


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    • profile image

      SP 6 years ago

      You should check this extension out too! It's actually a mini side-project of mine that I wrote because I found I had so many tabs open for development, for music, and for research on an essay I needed to write. It actually helps!