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Top 11 Innovative Hi-Tech Toilets

Updated on January 3, 2016

Here is a list of ten unusual but hi-tech toilets that are specially designed for tech-savvy people. These smart and hi-tech toilets will give the most revolutionary experience ever and take your bathroom experience to a new level. 

Sol-Char is a solar powered toilet

The Sol-Char toilet system uses concentrated solar power to scorch and disinfect human waste, turning feces into a useful by-product called biochar.


The iPottie

This concept toilet was specially designed for Apple. There is an iPod that works as the flush. The hi-tech iPottie design was a part of the contest held by Hope, one day Steve Jobs will announce the launch of "The iPottie".


Toto's Hi-Tech Toilets

Toto is a well known Japanese firm that produces very hi-tech toilets. It was Toto that introduced most hygenic and durable porcelain toilets. Toto's innovative toilets are capable of measuring women's hormone balance, women's monthly cycle, blood pressure, sugar level and they even give directions for the uers.


The Ultimate Clean Toilet

Young Sang Eun's futuristic toilet "The Ultimate Clean Toilet" combines urinal and toilet in the same place. By pressing a button this bathroom accessory spins around and transforms into a toilet by dropping the seat. Another great feature of "The Ultimate Clean Toilet" is its self-cleaning function. With the help of steam and ultraviolate light, the toilet cleans itself and makes it germ free.


The Inax Regio Smart Toilet

The Inax Regio Smart Toilet is a musical bathroom accessory that detects your steps and opens the lid automatically. It also deodorizes the surrounding and plays a soothing tune. The Inax Regio Smart Toilet  allows the users to store music via removeable SD card. This musical toilet also keeps the seat warm and makes it perfect for winter days. 


Toilet Seat with Digital Scale

Designer Haikun Deng has specially designed a toilet seat for women that monitors their weight. The innovative toilet seat has a built-in digital scale, that measure the weight before and after the loo. It seems to be perfect for weight-conscious women. 



Pressalit's intelligent toilet seat Autoclose, is perefct for men who do not need to remember to put the seat down for women. By taking everyone into consideration, Autoclose automatically closes the toilet seat and the fact is that it has a built-in sensor that makes it happen.



Phillipe Starck's "Sensowash" is a hi-tech toilet is fully remote controlled. The toilet is equipped with three different cleaning methods, ideal for both male and female users.  Sensowash is available with a remote control that opens and closes the lid, sets the temperature, and also directs you when you are in sleepy state.

Mobile Space Toilet

Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency has designed a toilet specially for the astronauts. This next-gen toilet is a wearable personal toilet and can be worn all the times, which is similar to baby diapers. Mobile Space Toilet has also an automatic washer and dryer to make it hygenic.


The Incinerating Toilet

The Incinerating Toilet from Ecojohn is more eco-friendly than tech-savvy. This ordinary looking toilet does not need any water but there is a gas chamber that burns the waste into ashes. There is also a catalytic converter that filters the air and keeps the toilet free from pollution. 


Sega's Toylet is urine controlled game console that has been installed in four metro station in Tokyo, Japan. Toylet is specially designed for male toilets that measures the speed and length of the urine stream, which is displayed in an LCD screen. Furthermore, users can win points that can be traded in for prizes. 

Would you like to have one of these in your toilet?


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      Yep 3 years ago

      iPottie needs editing. Steve Jobs passed, change to Tim Cook.