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Top 10 Meeting Room Management Solutions

Updated on January 12, 2016

Meetings are important part of the daily work routine for businesses of any size and industry. Even if you have just few months of experience in such environment, chances are you have already seen at least few disasters taking place during important meetings with clients or between management.

Fortunately, thanks to the rapid growth of the technology industry, today there is simple, elegant way to deal with meeting room hassles and these is by implementing a meeting room management solution. The recent years saw the rise of dozens of companies offering great products and for this Hub I decided to make the following list with the top 10 most popular ones.

#1 YArooms

YArooms is the top rate meeting room solution out there and its absolutely platform independent with support for Android, iOS, Outlook and Desktops. The multi-platform support helps faster integration and since everyone can use it on their favourite device, the learning time is significantly reduced.

Once you brand YArooms with your company logo and colours, you are ready to make your life a lot easier - the quick booking feature makes it incredibly easy for everyone to reserve the space with just one click, for management on the other hand the system delivers detailed usage reports, so everything is kept on track. Since most businesses use MS Outlook, the integration option really comes in handy.

YArooms Video Intro

#2 Condeco Meeting Room Booking

Number two in my hub is the Condeco Meeting Room Booking solution, which comes with mobile booking, multiple-platform support, as well as vital extra features like video conferencing and vendor management, both an important part of the modern business organization.

Created with the venue owner/manager in mind, the booking software not only helps everyone better plan their schedule, but also to manage vital aspects of the entire structure, such as catering, visitor management and digital signage (the last one is kind of an extra to the booking solution). Learn more about Condeco Meeting Room Booking from the video below.

Condeco Room Booking


The meeting management solution prepared by EventBoard is probably the best designed out there, at least in my opinion and really helps take everyday work routine to the 21st century. Basically the solution can be separated into 2 main components - meeting management and insights.

The meeting management tools simplify work around the entire organization, while the insights deliver information for usage, employee activity and technology use during the meetings. EventBoard is cloud based, so it can be used on any device and you can learn more about its features from the video below.

EventBoard Intro Video

#4 Get a Room

Need simple, yet feature-rich meeting room management solution - Get a Room may be the perfect match for your organization. With very little training required, the software is easy to use and will completely eliminate meeting room conflicts thanks to its advanced features.

A meeting room display is a sure-fire way to improve the office atmosphere and Get a Room is able to operate on any tablet or other device you choose to display bookings and other information.

#5 Pronestor Room

Every successful business manager strives to optimize the operation process of their organization and achieving maximum efficiency is pretty much a daily struggle. Pronestor Room is a solution that will allow to centralize the management of all your resources and use real-time insights to make informed decisions for the future.

Its compatible with any device and also can easily be integrated with Outlook, Pronestor Room will really make your life a lot easier. Check out more features from the video below.

Pronestor Room - Make your meetings more manageable

#6 RoomZilla

Roomzilla is the most simple meeting room management solution out there and will really take a lot of work off the venue managers. This is also actually the main idea behind this software product and at least for me the developers managed to achieve it.

Roomzilla works on any device, but its recommended to be used on iPads for best performance. Simple and effective, if you need the simplest solution out there - go for it!

#7 Skedda

Used in more than 1500 cities around the world, Skedda definitely deserves a place in this hub - elegant, yet powerful meeting room management software with all basic features, Google integration and even online payment support.

Skedda works on any platform, since its cloud based. You can have a quick tour of the meeting room management solution in the video below.

Skedda Booking System

#8 Evoko

If deploying meeting room software solution seems like a big deal in your organization, the complete system offered by Evoko may be the best choice for you. Simply, stylish and fully functional meeting room integrated with your email server. Bundled with features making double bookings impossible and delivering meeting room usage reports, the Evoko room manager is suitable for businesses of any size.

Evoko Room Manager

#9 ResourceExpress

ResourceXpress is a complete venue management solution, suitable mostly for large organization. It comes with enhanced reporting, as well as centralized configuration and easy branding options. However, the company also offers lighter version of ResourceXpress targeted specifically at small business owners and really simplify the conference scheduling and easily upgrade the system when needed in the future.

Qubi ResourceExpress

#10 RoomManager

RoomManager is the ultimate all-in-one venue management solution with support for every aspect of the venue - from meeting room booking through visitor management and parting to catering. This solution is especially effective when deployed in organizations where centralized venue management is required. Easily optimize the structure of your organization and easily reduce costs, as well as confusion related with venue management.

RoomManager Overview

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