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10 Memes About Animals

Updated on November 18, 2012
There's no time to explain!
There's no time to explain! | Source

The Animal Kingdom

Looking for some of the top memes out there about animals? You've come to the right place.

There are a host of animal-related and inspired memes. In many ways, animal memes are some of most popular on the Internet. Animals memes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and have developed as a result of various reasons. These are some of the best and most popular.

1. Owling

Owling is the process of posing like an owl perched on top of something, most commonly looking off towards the side. This pose was created as a response to planking.

It was first started on Reddit as a demotivational poster of a woman perched on top of a rail with the quote, "OWLING because planking is so two months ago.”

2. Hipster Dog

A dog that's so hipster, most other dogs, and people even, cannot compete.


3. Chemistry Cat

Chemistry Cat consists of a white cat wearing glasses and a bowtie, positioned in front of a chalkboard and behind a table full of chemistry gear. Like many animal memes, this meme combines an image with text, most often employing chemistry jokes, initially, that were already popular.

The earliest example of Chemistry Cat has been traced back to ICanHasCheezburger with the text, "Chemistry Cat loves moles."

4. Honey Badger

Honey Badger don't care. He was born out of a viral nature video about himself, narrated by a guy named Randall. Prior to this video, there were a few other dubbed animal videos but none of them had really taken off as much as this one.

This particular video captured the essence of the animal with a sassiness and distinction not seen elsewhere.

5. Socially Awkward Penguin

Like Chemistry Cat, Socially Awkward Penguin is an animal that is in the middle of an image with text around it. This penguin is characterized by a lack of ability to interact socially, giving advice that often involves awkward situations.

The penguin was adopted from a National Geographic site as other advice animals were becoming popular. Since appearing on 4Chan and Reddit, Socially Awkward Penguin has gained notoriety. The penguin has been featured on numerous sites, has an application created after him, and continues to be a part of the Internet's vernacular--describing life's awkward situations.

6. Business Cat

Business Cat is another advice animal. This one features a cat with a collar and tie in front of a multicolored pinwheel background.

Business Cat gives remarks that might typically be made by bosses.

The image came from a photo of a cat posted to Reddit wearing a tie that was recently gifted to the cat during Christmas. The image of the cat was quickly appropriated and turned into meme that spread fairly quickly.

7. Courage Wolf

Courage Wolf is an advice animal. Like other advice animals, he provides commentary on different situations. Specifically, Courage Wolf encourages you to face challenges and achieve greatness.

The wolf came from a stock image site where it was adopted with a multi shade yellow background by 4chan. Since appearing on the boards, it has grown in popularity becoming an urban dictionary reference and creating a whole bunch of spin-off memes.

8. Foul Bachelor Frog

Foul Bachelor Frog is an advice animal that often provides commentary on issues related to single men. It features a frog in front of a multi green colored pinwheel background with advice text on the top and bottom.

It has become popular because it describes many situations that people would otherwise be too embarrassed to talk about in person.


9. Otters Holding Hands

Otters Holding Hands comes from a video by Cynthia Holmes with two otters holding hands together. In the video otters, Nyac and Milo, are "rafting" with each other which is what otters typically do in choppy waters.

This video spawned numerous parodies after going viral for its cuteness.

10. Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat is an 8-bit character depicted as a cat wearing a Pop Tart-like pastry, flying through space with rainbow trailing it.

It was first created by prguitarman, Chris Torres, after his pet cat. This GIF gained some notoriety but it wasn't until YouTuber saraj00n took the visual and paired it up with "Nyanyanyanyanyaniyanya!" that Nyan Cat really took off.

The meme is one of the longest lasting culturally and has won many awards for its impact on popular culture and society.


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