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Top 10 Most Shocking Websites

Updated on February 9, 2016
Top 10 most shocking websites
Top 10 most shocking websites

The Internet is full of wonderful and amazing websites that we all love like Youtube, Pinterest and Facebook. However it is also full of extremely weird things that makes us question the sanity of the creator.

So, from worshiping Satan to a forum for cannibals. We countdown the Top 10 most shocking websites on the Internet.

Warning: Really Shocking Information Ahead

This page contains very shocking information of websites which some readers might find disturbing.

Viewers discretion adviced.

List of Top 10 Most Shocking Websites

10. TheProAnaLifestyleForever.

Prefer Watching a Video? I got you covered.

10. The Pro Ana Lifestyle Forever is a diary of a girl who wants to weight a 100-pound and encourages people to be anorexic as well.

She claims she doesn't encourage harmful behavior, but that doesn't justify why she is encouraging readers to be as thin as possible which IS harmful behavior.

Encouraging phrases include, "If you aren’t thin you aren’t attractive, "Watch people eat and notice how disgusting it looks" and "You can never be too thin"

9. Human Leather

Human Leather Belt?...
Human Leather Belt?...

Animal leather is so boring, you know what will really catch people's attention?... *evil smile* sells accessories made of human skin, yep you heard me, human skin! Shoes, bracers, wallets, belts and so much more, you'll be spoiled for choice.

The website claims that all the human skins are from donors. I guess some people love bags so much that they want to be one.

08. Plane Crash Info


Photos of plane crashes, records of last words, updates on the most recent plane crash and so much more. offers a shockingly wide amount of information on plane crashes.

There is even a top 100 worst plane crashes in the website. Taking the number 1 spot is... yep, you've guessed it, 9/11.

07. Church Of Satan

Church of Satan
Church of Satan

You and I both know demon worshiping is real, but have you ever wanted to see one for yourself?

The is a website created by a church that is dedicated to The Devil. From books to music, almost everything related to Satan can be found here and be downloaded.

06. Fifth Nail

Dairy of a Serial Killer
Dairy of a Serial Killer

Have you ever wonder what's in the mind of a serial killer?

The Fifth nail is a personal diary of Joseph E. Duncan III, a serial killer and sex offender.

The blog started up like any other normal blog, but gets darker and darker along the way until it just becomes obvious he's a little... different.

05. Choose Death

Embracing Death
Embracing Death

Living is so over-rated. How about we get Death to visit us early? is a website that contains pictures and documents related to death, that talks about 'the beauty of death' and ultimately encourages readers to commit suicide.

04. Deadpool rotten

Turning Death into a Game
Turning Death into a Game

Let's play a game... Who do you think will die next year? is a website that turns death into a game.

Players predict which celebrity will die in a year's time, if they are correct the players will be rewarded with points

Really shocking rules of the website.

  • Rule 1 : If you killed the celebrity, you will be suspended for a year.
  • Rule 2 : Points will not be given if the celebrity is imprisoned and executed lawfully. However if the celebrity commits suicide, is murdered or dies from natural causes, points will still be given.
  • Rule 4 : Cheaters will be banned forever.
  • Rule 5 : Players who kill other players will be banned forever.

03. BestGore

Dedicated to Gore
Dedicated to Gore

From bloated bodies to shattered femur, is a news website that claims censorship isn't productive and focuses a lot on the violence and gore (maybe a little too much) to show the viewers the real world without sugar coating it.

This website is full of extreme pictures and videos which A LOT of people will find very disturbing and shocking.

Unless you have a strong stomach and are over 18, I recommend you NOT visit this website.


For cannibals
For cannibals

This forum is dedicated to people who wants to eat human flesh or be eaten.

To attract some of the cannibals, some even describe how tender and delicious they are.

Once both sides are interested, they will find a time and place to meet up.

What happens next?... Use your imagination.

01. Church of Euthanasia


SAVE THE WORLD, RESTORE BALANCE BY KILLING YOURSELF! focuses on restoring the balance to planet earth and overcoming what they believe is the biggest threat to our world, overpopulation.

Thus, practices like suicide, sodomy and even cannibalism are strongly encourage.

The one commandment they have,
Thou shalt not procreate.


Death Calculator
Death Calculator

Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Your time is up.

Ever wanted to calculate the amount of time you have left? might have what you need. Just fill in the blanks and they will tell you exactly when Death will come.

Not in the countdown because let's face it, the death calculator is obviously fake but it's still worth mentioning and visiting.


Author's Last Thought

The Internet is full of the most shocking things that sometimes words cannot even describe.

So next time when you feel like exploring the Internet, just remember to expect the unexpected.

To Readers,

Which website do you think is the most shocking?

See results

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