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Top 10 Online Calculator Directories

Updated on September 10, 2015
There is a wide variety of general and specialized online calculators, free to use and more convenient than regular hand calculators.
There is a wide variety of general and specialized online calculators, free to use and more convenient than regular hand calculators.

Online calculators can help you compute mortgage payments, get construction materials estimates, help you solve math homework problems, or tell you how many calories you've burned, all with just a few clicks. The advantage of using online calculation tools is that you don't have to know the mathematical formulas, since they are built into the calculators, and you don't have to perform cumbersome arithmetic or algebra, since the calculators do that too. Nor do you have to download a bunch of apps that clutter your phone.

There are many websites with huge collections of easy-to-use calculators that give you accurate answers for a wide range of problems. From finding the distance between two cities and converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, to calculating the value of an annuity and finding out how much fertilizer to use. Here are 10 websites that have a huge selection of fun and functional on-screen calculators.

Calculator List

Investopedia: has several calculators for computing payments, annuities, bond yield, and other financial metrics. Each calculator has an explanation of the formulas and equations used to obtain the results, as well as a glossary of financial terms.

Calculator Soup: Calculator Soup has a variety of calculators for math problems including trigonometry, geometry, statistics, and polynomial equations. It also has several computing tools for finance, chemistry equations, and physics problems. Online Calculator Index: Over 300 online calculators organized by topic. Try math calculators for differential equations, geometry problems, and statistical analysis; financial calculators for mortgage payments, taxes, and amortization; home and garden calculators to estimate costs and materials of construction projects, and health calculators for everything from BAC to body fat and bra size. Plus many more, all with explanations of the formulas. The index also includes a few games.

Bankrate: Bankrate is a leader in financial information for prospective home buyers and others who need to take out loans. Their website includes many easy to use calculators to help you with budgeting and financial planning. Bankrate calculators can help you figure out college financing, student loans, IRAs, and emergency savings. Student Calculators: Need calculators for algebra or trigonometry homework? The student calculators can help you with basic problems in middle school or high school math. There are also several financial math tools, such a renting vs buying comparison calculator, loan comparison calculator, and several more.

Calculator Edge: Calculator Edge has hundreds of physics, engineering, and mathematical calculators for solving elementary and advanced physics problems. The online engineering calculators cover metallurgy, electronics, chemical engineering, optics, and structural engineering. The tools are easy to use and each calculator has an explanation of the formulas used to obtain the answers.

Martindale's Online Calculators (and a second page of calculators here): Martindale's list contains links to hundreds of online math, physical science, natural science, construction,weather, camera, finance, and gardening calculators. The website listing contains many harder to find specialty calculators that you might otherwise miss while searching the web.

Calculator Pro: With more than 100 online tools for math, finance, health and fitness, and conversions, Calculator Pro is an invaluable resource. Try the equation solving calculators for algebra and geometry problems, mortgage calculators for home loans, and calorie counters. Math Calculators: Quickmath is an amazing resource for more advanced mathematical calculations and problems. It has calculators for computing derivatives, matrices, plotting functions, and decomposing partial fractions for integration. Use the plot feature to visualize functions and estimate roots and intersections. Calculators: 1728 has a nice selection of practical calculators for physics problems, area and volume, finance, and miscellaneous converters. Try the Julian date Calculator to find the number of days between two dates, number base converter, or BMI calculator.

Online Graphing Calculators

See the companion article Best Online Graphing and Scientific Calculators to view a list of free web calculators that graph equations and perform more complicated mathematical operations.


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    • profile image

      hello 6 years ago

      nice list! thanks

    • profile image

      Paulina 4 years ago

      What a great resource, thank you. I've bookmarked a few of these and passing this article on to a friend.

    • calculus-geometry profile image

      TR Smith 3 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Very helpful list, as well as your list of free online graphing calculators.

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