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Top 10 PC Utilities That Do Nothing Useful

Updated on March 20, 2011

There are literally millions of computer users whose systems are bogged down to a crawl due to the installation of a wide variety of completely useless junk utilities which not only do nothing useful, but can often run in the background continuously, chewing up your system resources that you would much rather utilize for important applications. If you have any of these on your PC, uninstall them now!

1) Broadband Connection Tweakers: They are supposed to optimize your broadband connection for faster throughput. The only thing they'll optimize is their bank account at your expense.

2) Download Managers: Countless users install these utilities on their PCs to speed up downloads. Although they can be handy in picking up broken downloads from where you left off, they don't speed up anything at all.

3) Registry Editors: They don't do nothing. They do lots. Almost all of it destructive. Avoid like the plague.

You might as well smash your keyboard through your PC than use this junk.
You might as well smash your keyboard through your PC than use this junk.

4) RAM Memory Optimizers: They're supposed to reallocate your RAM to free up all sorts of extra memory. They should come with a discount offer to buy dry swampland in the Everglades. If you want a fresh and effective reallocation of your RAM, just reboot!

5) Hard Drive Crash Protectors: These utilities are supposed to predict when your hard drive is about to crash and save it. The best way to protect yourself from a crash is a helmet. These utilities are pure junk and completely useless.

6) Alternate Explorers and Skins: These utilities will change around your desktop and sometimes even your entire user interface to one that is "more effective." The only thing that these utilities are more effective in is to mess up your system. Avoid!

7) File Erasers: Sure, they'll overwrite your files seven or more times to United States Department Of Defense (USDOD) standards, but if you're doing something on your PC that requires that level of security, you should be in jail. If you're getting rid of an old hard drive and don't want anyone to harvest your erased data, just hammer a couple of nails right through the drive. That'll make sure no one can ever read from it again!

8) Remote Storage: Wow, what a concept! You can pay to have 10, 20 or more GB of your data stored completely securely on some server somewhere. Not only are you opening yourself up to being data mined unless you encrypt everything first, but have you ever tried to upload 20 GB from your PC? Even on very fast broadband connections, that can take days!

9) Emergency Recovery: If you can't get into your system by Safe Mode and a pre-set-up Emergency Boot Disk, your system is toast anyway.

10) Browser Plug-Ins and Gadgets: If you tried really hard to come up with some of the most patently useless and ridiculous wastes of hard drive space and CPU cycles, you would be hard pressed to create anything worse than 99% of all the Browser Plug-Ins and Gadgets out there. All they do is take up space, slow down your PC, and all the while providing incredibly important information such as how many days, hours and minutes until the premiere of the next Star Trek film, or the current temperature and relative humidity in Magallanes, Chilean Patagonia.


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    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      Thanks! :)

    • profile image

      degentd 8 years ago

      Awesome list. :-)) Agreeing totally...

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      Defrag is far less valuable now than in days gone by, but it can still have some minor advantages in a very few cases. I find CCleaner's Reg Clean utility is superlative. Never had a problem with it.

    • profile image

      Roy Henock 8 years ago

      If you've ever had a massive download cut off when it was 95% completed, maybe you'd reconsider your opinion of download managers. As for RAM Optimizers, Microsoft states Memory optimisers are quicker and simpler and they often enable you to tweak other settings to improve performance at the same time and Experiment with different settings to see what works best for you with Cacheman ( SOURCE: Microsoft Article ID: 835645 - Last Review: July 8, 2008 - Revision: 3.3

      Regarding Registry Editors, I've been using Macecraft JV 16 Power Tools for years & routinely clean up my registry with it...but if you're too lazy to RTFM or actually watch what's it doing I agree, such programs should be avoided like the plague. JV 16 also has the ability to make backups so that if you screw up you can restore the registry to a prior setting.

      Finally, I'm surprised there's no complaint about 3rd Party Defrag Programs, since many "leading authorities" (such as Steve Gibson at claim that defragmentation is now a waste of time, altho being superstitious, I still do it routinely.

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      The majority of junk that most people have on their PCs is useless and bears a huge performance hit. I have my own system so streamlined that I have almost nothing on it that I don't use each and every day.

    • charlemont profile image

      charlemont 8 years ago from Lithuania

      Yeah, instead of trying to make PC faster it's easier not to make it slow.