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Top 10 Things to Know About Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone 8

Updated on June 26, 2012

Microsoft Surface? Huh?

It came to my attention the other day, that the announcement from Microsoft about it's newest innovation for computers, is not something many people were yet aware of. Even if they were, the majority of public may not realize the reasons that Microsoft Surface is causing so great a discussion in the high tech world. So let us take a short journey and catch up together on the newest brainchild baby and commercial product ideology from Microsoft in 2012. Here are what appear to be the top 10 things to know about Microsoft Surface and also a little about Windows Phone 8, as is relevant.

1 : Why Surface now? Why not improve Xbox or something else?

Before anything else is addressed, it is important to realize that Surface is just another new wave of technology, and short of discovering that there are magic fairies under the glass panels or some yet undisclosed secret, Microsoft is making a mostly strategic move. Surface really is more about branding while the new technology is emerging, more than anything. It is a cunning move, business-wise. Even if a little chaos causing in how it has been handled so far. But everything that brings chaos has a silver lining, even if you have to really look for it. There has been rumor and speculation that Microsoft had been working on some kind of new tablets, actually even before Steve Jobs death this was in whispers. So now we know, the rumors were true about a Microsoft tablet and perhaps the passing of Steve Jobs allowed Microsoft to make a new strategic plan as a company. As already said, there is cunning in the Microsoft method of planning their strategy.

2 : About the Hardware for Windows 8 and Windows RT and Surface

Welcome to the real world and what the differences between Intel and ARM processors really amount to today. Hardware quick specs for two models was announced for release this autumn, both are scheduled to be running either Windows 8 or Windows RT respectively. For sake of information, here is the breakdown of each model as announced.

The Windows RT model weighs about 676 grams, which is pretty light. It is 9.3 mm in overall thickness. The quick specs breakdown includes a 10.6-inch ClearType HD display; 32GB or 64GB storage; microSD, USB 2.0 and Micro HD Video ports. This is also complimented by a 2x2 MIMO antennae; and onboard copies of Microsoft Office 15.

The Windows 8 Professional model is not just heavier, but it needs a special battery to pull the power right. This model weights 903 grams and is 13.5 mm in overall thickness. The quick specs breakdown for it includes a 10.6-inch ClearType HD display; 64GB or 128GB storage; microSDXC, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort Video ports; and 2x2 MIMO antennae.

The differences are not earth shattering, but that remains to be seen. Hence the first set of concerns from technical support people and high end users. Which is really going to be the most user friendly, but wait there is something else about the release of two different style models for Surface...

3 : Microsoft wants to retool and rewrite a new corporate legacy

With Windows Phone 8 and the Surface tablets, mighty Microsoft is attempting to beat Apple and Google at their own game. But this time they might just do it. Surface tablets have been made ready with very smart branding that pit them against all the current competition the market, especially Apple who has won so often. Microsoft is using industrial design, announcement timing, Surface branding and more than a few other tricks this time around. This is something that has not worked as well for Microsoft in the past, but the timing seems to be right for once. This is their big baby, the one that supposedly they have been waiting for and it is set to overtake the current technological paradigm swiftly through serious branding of the product line. Basically, Microsoft Surface is doing battle too win the public with this new innovation. With very high stakes at the corporate levels.

Here is the current advertising to promote Microsoft Surface

4 : This is the First time that Microsoft has such Marketing control

What is the big deal about Surface, not the magic or anything so sublime. It comes down to that Microsoft finally gets to design things the way it wants. Too many OEMs make choices that favor their margins rather than the user experience. Finally Microsoft seizes control of the Windows user experience in ways it should have long ago. Microsoft is questionably able to accurately compete with Apple on those terms, and there is need as the fruit-logo company makes early mind share and market share gains in the cloud-connected device era. If any of these things were true, what would happened to like the home or utilities"Where will partners go? Since technically they cannot license iOS, and Android have the mega clout as a business entity to fight it off alone. or at least it's not what big businesses are accustomed to. Microsoft will compete with its OEMs, but they don't have a lot of options.

5 : Why announce Source tablets when none ship until autumn?

There are two possible answers, both being the correct answer. One is that Microsoft Retail Stores are about to be launched all over USA which is going to change the market completely. The other is that all the major players have back-to-school year selling on the docket, this promises to be big for new iPad and, with OS X Mountain Lion coming very next month, MacBook Air. The strategically planned announcement of Microsoft Surface is going to make many businesses, individuals and others stall their potential buys for the year. Maybe all the way until the new product release, especially if they are someone considering to buy Apple this year. To use a business world cliche, No one gets fired for buying Microsoft in the real world. If Microsoft Surface can win you over in the market this next season, then it is good reason to budget for a huge shift in consumer product loyalty. Either way, it is a very high stakes, but viable bet Microsoft has made with the new marketplace of buyers.

6 : Surface is not just your every day touchscreen for tablets

Surface is all about putting Apple in its place. Surface, which MS and Samsung co-developed, has PixelSense technology. In short, your 3 pixels standards RGB are increased but a forth pixel that can see. This in a tablet form is incredible and has huge future impacts, then most others will have no choice to follow. Microsoft announcement was given with very short notice, "... rumors buzzed for days; media turn-out was huge; and the presentation, which emphasized design and manufacturing, and the marketing are very Apple-like. Just look at the Surface product page. The aspirational presentation is Apple-like. Then there's the industrial design stuff. The molded VaporMg enclosure, built-in kickstand and 3 mm Touch Cover."

This video was released a while back showing Microsoft Surface

7 : Something about announcing Windows Phone 8 to the public

For anyone who has seen Windows 8, Microsoft's groundbreaking new release for PCs and tablets, you've probably noticed it bears more than a passing resemblance to the look of Windows Phone. That is if you have even heard of or used Windows Phone. The editions before 8 could just cause havoc again and again. That is where and how the Windows 8 Start process of integration, but they do not you take anything. Plus Microsoft is looking to bury its Kinect, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Bing and other technologies into your next dashboard, with a job listing outlining. It seems that they will be re-announcing it again tonight. In addition, the Microsoft Connected Car plans include Kinect, WP8 and the cloud or anything else, but that was all stuff that is going to be here for the conference and webinar

8 : There is already debate about price for Surface technology

Pricing is where the business channel conflict is most likely. Microsoft isn't saying: "Suggested retail pricing will be announced closer to availability and is expected to be competitive with a comparable ARM tablet or Intel Ultrabook-class PC. OEMs will have cost and feature parity on Windows 8 and Windows RT ". Microsoft having a plan to create its own tablet is considered the strongest evidence of the friction with its partners on the hardware side the debate. Especially since there will be several months waiting time to see if pricing changes. Suggested prices have not been firmed up yet either.

9 : With tablets Microsoft developments are still being examined

Microsoft has been planning to enter the table market for long times before this. It had been assumed that they had changed their mind at a certain point, but this recent announcement of the Microsoft Surface release contradicts all rumors and speculation. So if Microsoft did not change its mind, and the W3C did not back down on recent legal copyright debates, then Microsoft would not be able to claim it securely supports the standard for this new release into the marketplace. This would leave Microsoft vulnerable and open to many potential problems, if not failure of the entire product line if any design flaws have been overlooked. This is being eyed skeptically more than most factors by the industry currently, even if public interest is high.

10 : All that barely scrates the Microsoft Surface of the questions

It really comes down to this. The scenario currently playing out isn't entirely clear, although the Microsoft is doing everything they can to generate an onslaught of interest. It starts to look a bit like overkill already, when you consider all the plans that are being implemented simultaneously. For example there is not a firm decision about Kindle interfacing, multiple subscription deals are already in place, media bundles with Xbox are slated for the holiday season, a Barnes and Noble deal has been covertly in the works and Microsoft seems prepared to strong arm wireless carriers into shared data plans for table add ons. All of this without a sure vote of confidence in the sales margin, the product line assurance or even public opinion. In many ways, this maybe the riskiest launch of any product line in the history of the company. It maybe the greatest business model ever launched in history, but it is currently hard to separate the method from the madness. But as stated before, the real goal seems to be focused on marketing the brand above anything else. Good luck with this is what all sides seem to be saying at this point, but watching wildly from the sidelines. If Microsoft pulls it off, they will be the ones laughing all the way into the next revolutionary paradigm in computer technology. The world shall see very soon.

But this is the original 2008 video with Bill Gates that introduced Microsoft Surface to the world officially, it is impressive at least

People, especially within the tech world, cannot seem to stop talking about Microsoft Surface. Beware that it is a very hot and heavily disputed topic. Even though for many this is the first they are hearing about it, the June 18, 2012 announcement from Microsoft has caused tremors all over the modern computer industry. Some critics say that these new tablets are doomed to fail miserably, while others are as purely enthusiastic as the marketplace can get. If this has no direct impact on your life, just know that you are among the lucky or unaware few.


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    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 3 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      Me too. Keep on hubbing. Blake4d

    • Bedbugabscond profile image

      Melody Trent 5 years ago from United States

      I have to admit that Windows Surface looks pretty sweet. I hope that they don't fail because this is the direction that I was hopping tablets would go in. For me, the deciding factor would be the price tag.