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Top 10 Ultimate Joomla Extensions You Can't Live Without!

Updated on June 19, 2011

Overview of Extensions

There are several extensions depicted in the Joomla directory to really craft out a Top 10 Joomla extensions list as so a lot of from them are outstanding. Generally, Joomla extension facilitates you to bring in customers from CSV file to Joomla user file and, also to export users from Joomla user file to CSV file. Moreover, you can describe your own policy and therefore can make User Sync to process almost all type of CSV file. The Joomla Extension is considered to be one of the largest flexible and robust Content Management Systems available as it is getting faster. There are also numbers of general things that you can be do in order to speed up your site. Due to the greater than 4,000 Extensions in the Directory of Joomla Extensions, one of the major intimidating tasks of choosing a Joomla Extension is finding the top 10 Joomla Extensions.

Moreover, Joomla is a content management system that mainly helps you to create Web sites and dominant online applications, in addition to the easy set up facility and having held up from a big group of people and developers. The Joomla extension directory has various good information and details regarding the best and top 10 Joomla extensions. If you go through this directory of Joomla Extension, you will come across an element through which you can do the thing you desire. However, there are numerous free Joomla extensions which can be used for any personal or commercial plan. From several and immense Joomla components, instructions, activities and elements stated over there, you may see only some getting the unique place or stand on a top 10 Joomla extensions list. In case you wish for to sell online or to place a product or service list to your website, you must almost certainly think about setting up a dedicated Extension to increase on the core system's functionality.

The Top 10

These are the Top 10 list of Joomla extensions - JCE, Joomla Pack, JEvents, Expose Flash Gallery, Community Builder, Joom Fish, DOCman, Virtue Mart, sh404SEF and Xmap. JCE is a great component that is a superior WYSIWYG editor made particularly for Joomla. Community Builder Joomla extension is very essentisl for any kind of social set-up, thus has used in for more than this purpose. Joom Fish is a superior extension, which allows you to uphold your site in different languages with taking help from a system. DOCman is mainly a large extension that is a document and downloads the manager that is particularly created for Joomla. Virtue Mart helps you to feel how great Joomla is. In case you are selling online and you require a Joomla integrated shopping cart way out, you must be well aware about Virtue Mart. sh404SEF Joomla component aids you to integrate SEO and also helps for your Joomla site. Several people have made use of these top 10 Joomla extensions and reviewed them praiseworthy of addition in the Joomla GPL toolkit. However, in the open source development world, that’s where you are going to work as it is the way that makes all better and remains reasonable.


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    • profile image

      joomlaserviceprovider 5 years ago

      jSecure hides your Joomla administrator URL with a special key so that only you can access. The problem with Joomla is that anyone can tell if your site is Joomla by simply typing in the default URL to the administration area (i.e. jSecure helps you hide the fact that your website is built with Joomla from prying eyes.

      Check out jSecure in action here:

    • profile image

      joomlaserviceprovider 5 years ago

      jLocator provides rich interface to search and display locations using Google Map API.Supports the feature of customized and diffrent markers for diffrent location and multiple views.

      jLocator provides easy to use interface for searching location, zip code, area code and provides Google map to display the locations.

      * Full Google Maps integration

      * Zip code/Postal code perimeter search

      * A plugin so you can display locations in articles

      * Includes a jLocator module

      * No need to enter LAT/LONG info

      And much much more...

      Check out jLocator here: