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Top 10 Ways To Ensure Your Website Isn't A Joke

Updated on July 13, 2008
PLEASE! Don't make your website look like this!!!
PLEASE! Don't make your website look like this!!!

I am always surprised when I go onto a website by a leading manufacturer or other corporation and find it riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes that even a grade school student would pick out, as well as finding obsolete information, dead links, nonexistent images, and other elementary mistakes. If you want visitors to your website to consider you an illiterate moron, then by all means go ahead and keep your websites in this laughable fashion. If not, make sure that every page of your website adheres to these standards.

1) Spellcheck is not enough! "Your they're, whose their two?" will not be picked up by any spellchecker yet is completely idiotic. If you didn't pay attention in English class, hire an online editor or proofreader off one of the freelance sites. The few dollars spent will result in an infinite amount of respect and responses from your website visitors.

2) Check every hyperlink, both internal and external. If they don't work, fix them!

3) Make sure that your images are visible. Many HTML editors set up paths that no longer work when the site is FTP's up to the host. Confirm everything!

4) Check your website with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari. You'll be amazed how different they look on each and what problems can pop up in one that are not present on another browser.

5) Make sure your information is up to date. You can go onto AMD's main CPU information page and find that they don't have many of their latest processors listed, thus their site is several months out of date. Yes, I know that AMD is run by a bunch of braindead n00bs, but don't emulate them!

6) Keep your animation to a bare minimum. Flash and animated gifs may be the website visitor's worst enemy. We've all been to sites that take so long to load their Flash-y landing page that we click away and never return. KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

7) Forget all SEO tactics. None of them ever work. White Hat, Gray Hat, Black Hat... all a complete waste of time. If you want really readable pages and high Google placements, just concentrate on having lots of quality, unique, unduplicated information on your site. When you build it that way, they will come.

8) Don't ever use popups, frames and other gimmicks. You're running a legitimate site, not a pr0n emporium!

9) Keep your content text to no more than 600 words or less than 300 words per page. If you have longer content split it up to subsequent pages. If shorter, add more!

10) Make it legible! No navy-blue type on black background. Keep your point size larger than you think it should be, use high contrast colors, and preferably keep your backgrounds white or very light with your text black or a very very very dark color.

Follow these very basic rules (that are ignored by an incredible number of really big, important sites at their own peril) and you'll have a website that will be a pleasure to visit over and over again.


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