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Top 10 Worst Facebook Habits That Drive People Crazy

Updated on May 1, 2015

Have you ever been so annoyed by Facebook that you stopped logging in altogether? Back in the middle of 2000's, Facebook became quite a rage. Teenagers and adults rushed to open their accounts, not just out of curiosity but also peer pressure. It was a new experience that provided us photo and video updates from friends and acquaintances.

After a few months of using it, I started experiencing some not-so-great aspects of Facebook. Here are a few aspects that annoyed me to the core:


1. Ridiculous Status Updates

Many Facebook users post their status several times a day, no matter how trivial it may be. For example, I have seen some people post things like - "just had a delicious cup of coffee" with a photo of a coffee mug. Or something like - "got stuck in an awful traffic".

Here are my sincere messages to such people:

  • Obviously, you have never tasted coffee before and therefore, you are completely awestruck at the wondrous discovery of mankind.

  • And of course, you must be a greater mortal whose time is too precious to be spent in traffic, while the rest of us rot away in queues for hours.

  • Am I being too rude? Oh no, I am sorry, maybe you are just trying to educate us lesser mortals what "traffic" means or how it looks like. Thank you for the enlightenment.

  • Wow, did you seriously have a pie for dinner? Good that you posted it, else I have totally lost sleep over it.

Not As Acceptable As You Think


2. Cyber Stalking

Cyber stalking is the act of following the activities of another person by tracking their social media updates in an obsessive manner. More often that not, a cyber stalker is known to you and not a total stranger.

This is not only a bother, but a scary one too. In fact, Facebook often exposes obsessive behaviour of people whom you never thought could be crazy.

  • For example, you suddenly realize that this really sweet guy/girl whom you occasionally run into at workplace pings you every time you go online on Facebook. Soon enough, you start wondering, how does he/she track you every single time?

  • Or, you say that you are taking off for the night and after 10 minutes, he/she pings you again, asking why are you still online. Beware!! This is how cyber stalking starts.

3. Daily Game Invitations

This one is a real bugger. You may really love gaming. But constant game requests from your contacts can be annoying. Even if you don't login to Facebook, it will still send you email reminders of every single invite every week.

  • My dear friend, I truly like you, but could you please stop sending me game invites every week?

  • Why on earth would I want to play Farmville with you in the middle of the week, and then be reminded of it every alternate day? Hard to believe this but I am not interested in how many god-damn pigs you bought!!


4. Quiz and Apps Invitations

These are a few more bugging habits that will torment you and spam your mailboxes.

  • Dear friend or not-a-friend, this may be news to you but I am just not interested in having Anita, the astrologer, predict my daily fortune or tell me that I will meet my soul-mate tomorrow.

  • I don't need to know what kind of Harry Potter character I am, thank you very much!! If the quiz aroused your acute interest, sorry that I am not as much of an intellectual..

  • Also, for the last time, I am not going to install some silly application that will tell me how to search for nearby restaurants. I do know how to use the internet and will manage my day without this ground-breaking new application.

So bugged was I with these continuous reminders that the only choice left was to disable all email notifications from Facebook.

Who The Hell Are You?


5. Friend Requests from Total Strangers

Frequently you may see friend requests from complete strangers. Going into their profile, you will realize that they would mostly be one of your friend's contact, or a friend of a friend. But you would have never spoken to them face-to-face, so why should you add them to your friend's list?

  • Though the 'not now' or 'ignore' button is there, having to go and verify someone's profile and trace how that person contacted you can be a pain in itself.

  • Worse of all, if you forget to "ignore", you get reminders that Mr/Miss Stranger's request is still awaiting your approval for weeks together. It is best to steer clear of people you don't know, even if they share mutual friends with you.

  • While most people may be harmless and simply trying to increase their followers, you never know who would turn out to be a crazy stalker.


6. Posting Personal Things on the Public Wall

Every user has a wall space where our contacts can post private 1-1 messages to us. But certain contacts will make it a point to post such messages on the public wall.

  • Imagine someone asking you - "so how did your date go last week?" - for everyone to see. Of course you won't answer such questions there, but what audacity!

  • There are those who say - "Hey I lost your phone number. Can you share it?". Like you would post your phone number publicly for everyone to see, just because his/her majesty was too careless with their phone and too discourteous to ask it in a private message.

  • Then there are those lovey-dovey couples who insist on vocalizing their true love over the social media. Okay, Romeo and Juliet, we get it - you cannot stay away from one another even though you have only met a few weeks back. So, go do what you have to do, write poetry if you will, but stop annoying your 500+ friends who have no interest in how much you loved eating from the same ice-cream cone.

You Ask Me Why? Here's Why!!


7. Cyber Manipulation

Not to forget a few more irritating habits people have that will drive you nuts.

  • Forceful likes

    Many users will try to cajole their friends to like their posts, photos or videos. They will even ping you to ask why you didn't like their recent post even though you were clearly online, especially when they liked your post, or did not.

  • Half sharing

    People will try to induce curiosity and drama by posting stuff like: "you will never believe what an awful thing happened today".

    You are expected to respond with: "oh my god, what happened".

    Then they will try to act pricey and say that "oh I would rather not share".

    What the ****!!!! Either share it or don't, nobody is forcing you. Stop wasting people's time with your petty tricks to get attention.

It's Complicated!!!


8. Relationship Status Update

It irks me the most when couples or not-exactly-couples post their relationship status. Changing from single to married, or vice versa is fine.

  • But what in the world is the meaning of "it's complicated"? Yes, Facebook does have such a status, or at least had the last time I checked!!

  • Okay Freud, you are obviously too dumb to know if you are in a relationship or not. Maybe, you are in a one-sided relationship and not ready to accept it. Well good news, you don't need to advertise that to the world. After all, it will not amplify your smartness, unless of course, you are in desperate need of attention.

9. Posting Photos Without Owner's Consent

Lot of Facebook users post other people's photos without asking. I didn't realize how infuriating it could be until one of my friend posted a photo of mine (taken at a group dinner) along with a teasing and not-so-flattering caption. It invited several comments from "her friends" praising her oh-so-witty remarks (at my expense). She only took it down after I threatened to post a highly unflattering photo of hers taken on the same night.

The only good thing that comes out of such situations is that it exposes what kind of a friend someone really is. A friend who takes pleasure in embarrassing you over social media is no friend at all.


10. Facebook Pokes

This feature was originally started to act like the Yahoo Chat buzz feature - someone buzzes you when you don't respond to their chat message for a while. But in Facebook, the poke feature is either not understood by users or deliberately misused.

It is utterly annoying to get pokes from someone you hardly know or haven't spoken to in a very long time. What does it even mean? Do these jokers really think that one "poke" will nudge people out of their hibernation and make them rush to catch up? Here is some news - stop poking me moron, or I will block you and report you.

Real Cause of the Problem

A friend of mine once told me - the problem is not with Facebook, it is with the users. I couldn't agree more. No matter how good and engaging something is, trust certain people to abuse it. If you try to point it out, they will even tell you - if you are not interested, who is asking you to read?

Sorry your majesty, it is completely our fault that we log into Facebook and then try to dictate what people should be posting. How dare we exercise our freedom of opinion? Facebook is meant for superior people like you to use and abuse. Try to "unfriend" such people from your list, and they will go viral about how diabolic and insensitive you are.

Which Facebook Habit in People Annoys You The Most?

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    • temptor94 profile image

      Ritu Temptor 2 years ago from India

      Thank you Larry :)

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great list! Some truly annoying habits here.

    • temptor94 profile image

      Ritu Temptor 2 years ago from India

      Thank you leakeem, glad you enjoyed reading. Yes, very true, those people whom we don't know much but have in our friend's list are the ones who send the maximum unnecessary invites.. maybe simply because they don't care what a not-well-known acquaintance would think of them.

    • leakeem profile image

      leakeem 2 years ago from Earth

      Yup. The internet is an annoying place. I think the most annoying are the game invites from random people - people you know little about that happens to be in your friend's list.

      This is a fun read though. It should remind people what not to do.

    • Dressage Husband profile image

      Stephen J Parkin 2 years ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada

      You do not have to use Facebook if it really annoys you. The other most annoying thing people complaining as if they were being forced to use Facebook.

      Just change your profile options and delete the people that annoy you most. I did find some of your comments amusing.