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Top 10 incredibly cool inventions that will blow your mind

Updated on October 23, 2017
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Freelance Writer and blogger "This is no art, we all can taste life as it is, once we stop judging and start accepting."

Many inventions are directly related to our daily life, some of our work, and some are incredibly cool ones which leave a person astonished. Some of the cool inventions are mentioned below

1. The digital spoon scale

Do you cook looking into a recipe book? Do you find written instructions about exact measurements of ingredients? It irritates you, right? Yes, it does. No one uses measuring cylinders and equipment in the kitchen. But you still want to make a perfect dish. So, don’t worry, this digital spoon scale is a perfect takeout for you. Imagine being able to measure even little ingredients like salt, pepper, and cardamom. This unique invention is a perfect match for you.

2. A melon and watermelon slicer

Ever had difficulty in cutting bigger fruits with all the pulp inside? Like melon and watermelon. So this cool product is a life saver for you. It can be used as a simple knife by placing it above the fruit, then press it and there, you get the whole cut into perfect pieces.

3. Sony Experia touch projector

With this growing company, here comes a unique invention. The Sony Xperia touch projector turns any surface into a tablet. Imagine doing your assignments and playing games on a table or a wall or a sink. Exciting, isn’t it?

4. Plant-based burger

Yes, you heard it right; this is a plant-based burger. Thinking what different it is from a regular burger. This burger smells tastes and looks like a real beef!!

5. Earphone translator

Ever gone to a foreign country and had a problem of language. Then this invention is just for you. These pilot earphones translate any language for you in no time. It is a total keep invention for not just travelers but also for normal people because someday everyone is going to encounter someone with a foreign language.

6. XPL cream

You are aged and have lots of wrinkles on your body. You have to go to meet your college friends but are not confident about your skin. This cream is made for you. This is one of the best cool inventions that you must have heard. It created a layer of normal skin over your actual skin for a day!!

7. Edible water blobs

With the ban on plastic, these edible water blobs will become popular. They are made up of an edible membrane made up of natural seaweed extract. This can also be one of the solutions for a decrease in the use of plastic.

8. Helium balloon to travel to space

Helium is one of the lightest gases and using it for space travel is a marvelous idea. Using space shuttles would not remain the only medium for space travel.

9. 3D printing

Think of building your office with concrete, set up all the furniture, desks and tables and the whole office is in front of you. It would be incredible to feel what you are about to build. This is 3d printing and it is going to be very known in near future.

10. Hyperloop

This is the biggest and king of cool inventions. Created by Elon musk hyper-loop is a train that moves through friction-less tubes and has a capacity to move from one place to other in very less time, like very less time.

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