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Top 10 reasons to buy Galaxy camera

Updated on November 6, 2012
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Samsung announced its Android power camera, back in February and it’s time when Samsung’s Galaxy Camera is going to release. We, especially I am too much excited to get this camera in hand. Samsung’s Galaxy camera is coming with 16 mega pixel camera quality with a full back touch screen panel, though there will be buttons to operate zoom and power. It also supports micro-USB 2.0 and other fascinating features. Basically it’s not a camera, its Smart-camera now as it has all the features a smartphone has.

Here are the top 10 reason for which you should buy Samsung’s Galaxy Camera.

  1. It has a 4.8” touchscreen panel with gorilla glass protection and with a resolution of 1,280X720p.
  2. It supports voice functionality that means you can also operate Galaxy camera via voice commands.
  3. It’s coming with 3G/LTE (4G) support; carrier is AT&T that means you can access Internet via your Galaxy camera to upload and share your picture and videos in social networking sites and others.
  4. Google’s Android is the power-house; coming with Android 4.1v (Jelly beans). Surely it’s a “Smart-camera” now as millions of android applications are waiting to be installed in Galaxy camera.
  5. Galaxy camera is capable of playing HD videos and movies at 16:9 ratios. It also supports slow motion recording.
  6. Processor is Quad core 1.4 GHZ Cortex-A9, compare Galaxy camera with Samsung galaxy S3 as they both uses same processor.
  7. GPU is Mali-400 same as Samsung’s Galaxy S3, so you can compare it with S3 smartphone which is in the list of top notch smartphones in the market.
  8. Galaxy camera supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So you can connect to internet with a Wi-Fi signal, if there is a one.
  9. Galaxy Camera’s internal memory is 8 GB which can be extended up to 32 GB via micro-SD card.
  10. At last Samsung is offering us a 50GB Drop-box account (cloud storage) without any extra cost. Samsung Galaxy camera has an auto-sync function, which will upload your picture instantly when you click them at your Drop-box account.

Samsung’s Galaxy camera surely opened a way for Smart-camera’s now. AT&T is providing LTE for Samsung’s Galaxy camera and Google’s android is the operating system, it’s more like a smartphone than a camera. So to distinguish it with a phone, Samsung blocks the call facility. You can’t give a call or receive a call in Galaxy camera. You can do whatever you want to do till your heart content with this camera except calling.


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